Round 1, Day 10: ADF

November 26, 2008 at 10:41 am

Wow… I just realized I’m halfway done.  That’s kind of a weird feeling.  I feel like I only just started!

Today’s lesson is: why an impeding need to clean and fasting are a bad combination.  I am NOTORIOUSLY grouchy when I have to clean.  But it’s necessary today, because we’re leaving town for Thanksgiving tonight and I do NOT want to come home to a messy house.  There is nothing less fun than walking in exhausted after a long drive only to be confronted with a huge pile of work waiting for me when I get home.

So… I have planned carefully.  I have two bananas that I’m allowing myself to eat, plus my V8 Fruit Splash (Peach and Mango — yum!).  I have given the kids strict instructions about what needs to be done in the morning, and then after lunch they will go upstairs and play Video games or nap (depending on age) until Andy gets home.  That way, I can watch what I want to watch without interruption, and if I want to be grouchy, my kids are out of the line of fire.  Ergo: no guilt later.  😉

I’ll be blogging without benefit of internet after today, so be prepared for a dearth of catch-up posts on Monday.


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