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Round 1, Day 19: ADF

Score one for the blog.  Today I woke up for the first time and actually felt loathe to face the day.  It’s a fasting day, and as I was lying there in bed, I thought, “Wow.. I SO do not want to deal with fasting today…”  and for a moment I actually considered not bothering.

But then I thought… aieee!  I would have to mark down my first failure in the blog! No no no.. Cannot do that.  Okay, guess I’ll be good.

So here I sit, with a cup of juice.  Whatever keeps me going is good, right?  And I only have two days left to count my first 21-day success, too, so it’d be a really stupid time to screw up.



December 5, 2008 at 10:45 am 3 comments

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