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Round 2, Day 1: ADF + WW

I may have to find a new subject format.  If I keep adding things, it could get obnoxious in a hurry.

At any rate, so begins Round 2.  I have successfully completed Round 1 without any failures, which is good.  It adds ‘keep my record clean’ as an additional incentive to staying on my tasks here.

Okay, so this round we’re adding in Weight Watchers.  I’ve gone through as much of their literature as any reasonable person can stand to read. (I may have a lower ‘rah-rah-you-can-do-it!’ threshold than some thanks to too many Creative Memories meetings, though).   I still am not entirely clear how the Momentum Plan varies much from the Points plan of yore, but so be it.

My goal this 21 days will be to continue my ADF plan and simply journal honestly every day.  I’m not terribly concerned with budgeting my point allowance, frankly.  I would hope, in the first place, that my fasting days would more than make up for any capricious points-spending-sprees to which I might be prone, but even that aside: part of the charm of ‘eating days’ was not feeling ‘limited’.   Therefore, my goal is simply to track, not to curb.



December 8, 2008 at 8:25 am 7 comments

Round 1: ADF (RESULTS)

Weigh-in complete.


December 8, 2008 at 7:48 am 6 comments

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