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ADF/WW: Day 2

Last night was sort of a tough night for me.   I caught a cold last week that developed into a sore throat and cough on Sunday.  By yesterday I had no voice at all, and it hurt to even try and talk.

This made it easier to ‘fast’ yesterday.  Since I was tracking points, I know that at the end of the day, I had eaten only 5 points worth of anything: a banana (2), a cup of juice (2), and a cup of broth (1).   I didn’t really want anything else.  I just wanted to sleep.

Andy knew I’d had a rough day.  When you have four children and you can’t talk, life can be a bit of a challenge.  My kids are good kids, fortunately, and they actually found my lack of voice to be rather novel and fun.   We developed a system where I would clap when I wanted their attention, and then I’d attempt to convey what I wanted or needed in charades fashion.  If that didn’t work, I’d try to whisper it or type a message to them that Zack or Noah would then read.    Even so, though, it was a long, stressful day.



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