ADF/WW: Day 10

December 17, 2008 at 9:41 am 1 comment

It has come to pass, that which was foretold.

Kinda funny.

When I think back to the conversation I had with my Mom in which we discussed the alternate-day diet she uses, I remember the one thing she said that finally resonated with me and made me consider doing this for real.

She said, “The truth is, I actually rather like my non-eating days now just because I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to eat.  Sometimes eating can be a real hassle.”

While I am normal, and I consider eating itself to be as much a pleasure as anyone else does, I do have to admit that eating does represent sort of a hassle to me at times.  To be fair, I suppose, it’s more the PREPARATION that ends up being a hassle, but I could definitely see where knowing you not only don’t have to bother with that, but also that you SHOULDN’T, could be a nice thing.

Of course, even on ADF, there’s only so much of that I can avoid.  My Mom has only herself and my father to worry about, and my Dad is capable of making his own meals if need be.  I have not the same luxury with four children depending on me.   Zack and Noah COULD prepare lunch (and have on occasion), but the resulting mess is generally not something I want to deal with daily.  So one way or another, I’m stuck preparing meals regardless.

But even given that, I do have to say that I’m starting to actually feel a sense of …relief?… on non-eating days.   I don’t even mind fixing food for the rest of the family on fasting days now.  It’s just nice to not have to worry about what to feed MYSELF.

I went to Dierberg’s, which is one of the local higher-end grocery stores here.  They had stocked these Green Giant Healthy Blends in the freezer section.  They are apparently newish products, and they consist of a blend of frozen vegetables in some kind of light herb sauce.  The blend in question presumably has certain health benefits.  They have one for Healthy Vision, one for Immunity, one for Weight Control and one for Digestion.   Each comes in a handy steaming pouch, so you just pop it in the microwave, heat it up, and eat.

They average between 1.5 and 3 points per box.   I bought a bunch of them, and on fasting days I just eat one at midday and one at night.   I make it a point to average 4.5 points or so, which is about what I was eating anyway, with Mom’s diet of banana, juice, carrots, whatever.  They fill me up, I feel satisfied, and I’m getting four servings of vegetables on those days.  Nice.

But the best part is, I don’t have any decisions to make.  I have a plan now.  I know that on Fasting Days, I will eat this at this time, and that at that time, and now I’m not tempted to do the lite popcorn thing, I’m not craving food at other times, etc.  My body has adjusted, and what I’m eating is good.  And since I don’t have to think about it, I wake up on fasting days feeling a certain sense of, “Oh good.  At least I don’t have to worry about FOOD today.”

This has served to underscore the importance of planning, as Michelle pointed out in her comment to my Setbacks post.  I mean, it isn’t even so much the issue of eating, but rather in deciding WHAT to eat.   That was always an annoying issue before I started this, and now, obviously, it’s an even bigger deal.  Having to stand in front of my pantry with a growling tummy and no idea what I should prepare is the recipe for disaster every time.

So… I need to start planning my meals.  Meh.


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  • 1. Pangie  |  December 18, 2008 at 10:27 am

    Well it sounds like you are progressing toward healthier habits, which is good! It’s probably going to be a long journey, but it looks like you are cruising along at a pretty good pace. 🙂

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