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ADF/WW: Day 11

Sadly, the reason why WW hasn’t been working for me in recent years has come back to me.  Journalling is good, and I know this… but it can be very discouraging too.   Presumably, on eating days I’m supposed to eat ‘whatever I want’, since that’s the reward for restricting calories.  The ‘right’ to splurge a little without guilt.

But still… when your children are, for example, Boy Scouts, and they sell, for example, caramel corn packs with pecans, peanuts and cashews, and you, for example, really love that sort of thing, it is really disheartening to find that 1/4 cup of that stuff is something like 6 points.   I mean…seriously, what is that? Four pieces of popcorn?   How do you measure 1/4 cup of caramel corn anyway?  It doesn’t exactly fit nicely in a measuring cup.   Is it 1/4 cup by volume, or is it the equivalent of 1/4 cup crushed up?

And for heaven’s sake, WHO EATS ONLY 1/4 CUP OF CARAMEL CORN?  I thought popcorn was sort of the go-to snack food for dieters..  There aren’t even that many nuts in it!  By this logic, eating 1 1/2 cups of Caramel Corn would consume an entire day’s worth of points, and I have a LOT of points, given where I am on the scale!  I guess a ‘normal’ person would have to stop at one piece of popcorn?



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