ADF/WW: Day 15

December 22, 2008 at 5:43 pm 6 comments

Weigh In this morning.  Here are the results:

Starting Weight:  241 (Wii Fit), 245 (Bathroom Scale)

Last Week:  229 (Wii Fit), 231 (Bathroom Scale)

Today:  225 (Wii Fit), 227 (Bathroom Scale)

So… a four-pound drop!  On BOTH SCALES!   Amazing, considering the O’Charley’s thing, but there you go.   I had set up my Wii Fit to track my progress toward my 10% goal, and it told me today that at this rate I will reach my 10% before my established goal date.  It actually wanted to know if I wanted to change my goal. 🙂  I said no, but thank you.

So what is that overall?  16 pounds, on the Wii Fit, 18 on the scale?  I can handle that.  That leaves between 7-9 pounds until I reach my 10% goal of a 24.5 pound loss.

I have never been a big fan of the ‘Let’s help you not be such a total loser’ shows that are popular on BBCA and stuff.  ‘What Not to Wear’, for example, or ‘How Not To Decorate’.  The ‘experts’ in such shows generally aren’t very kind to the people they’re working with.  Presumably, this is part of the cinematic charm of such shows, but I find myself pitying the poor people rather than feeling gratified by the results.

Ironically — or perhaps not so ironically — I actually do not feel this way about ‘You Are What You Eat’.  This isn’t because Gillian McKeith is unusually kind to her victims or because I share her contempt for them and their eating habits.  I just find it rather educational on a subject that obviously matters to me.  I felt this way even when I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight, too.  I can see myself in the people she’s dealing with, but I don’t feel defensive or resentful about it.  I think if she came to me, I’d be a good student.

One of the perplexing parts of the show for ME, (crass, uneducated American that I am) is the fact that they refer to the weights of people in terms of ‘Stone’.   This is Agatha Smithwell, she is 5 feet, 2 inches tall, and weighs in at a hefty 17 stone! What on earth is this ‘stone’ business?

I mean, I get that the word ‘pound’ was used up, since that’s their currency.. But I was under the impression that the ‘pound’ was an English measurement initially, thus giving the currency its name.   I guess money is measured in pounds of sterling silver, while weight is measured in stones?  Do the UK’s residents stand on one side of a massive balance, piling stones on the other side to determine how much they weigh? 😉  And why is it ‘stone’ and not ‘stones’?   And how precise can this measure really be if a really fat person weighs only 17 of them?  Crazy, crazy Britons!

I finally broke down and looked it up today, and learned that ‘1 Stone’ is equivalent to about 14 pounds.  Yeesh, they couldn’t even come up with a conversion rate that doesn’t require a pencil and paper.  At any rate, I figured out that poor Agatha weighs 238 at 5 feet, 2 inches tall.  I apparently weigh 16 stone, but I have two inches on her.  Not that this makes me all that much less obese, but I think one of the other things I find interesting about that show (however much I pity the victims, and I do!) is that it’s one of the few opportunities I have to really sit and look at an obese person without being rude.  The people on the show are forced to wear a bathing suit and display their morphology in all its wiggly, unattractive splendor so the dramatic difference at the end can be truly appreciated.

I find this really fascinating, because even looking at myself in a mirror fails sometimes to give me a good perspective on what I look like or how my body changes with weight loss.  I know my rear end is big.  I know my tummy is atrocious.  I imagine other parts of me look just as bad, but who really looks at, say, the backs of their own arms?  The way fat is arranged on one’s back?  The way thighs and such move when they’re encased in a thick layer of fat?   We are not really permitted to stare at the people we encounter in real life that might educate us about such things, and it is difficult to really see ourselves.  So I appreciate this show for that, too.  The opportunity to say, “I looked about like that.  I am about as fat as she is.  I am bigger than she is,  I am not as fat as that girl.”  just because it gives me a better perspective on me.

Today has been harder than most.  I’m sort of glad, because I was beginning to worry that the fact that the non-eating days last week were not so difficult meant that I was either going into the dreaded metabolic slowdown or that I was actually eating too much, points values notwithstanding.  My weight loss would suggest I’m doing fine, which is good, but somehow there’s actually something reassuring about having to struggle.  I think it keeps me from getting complacent.


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  • 1. melalvai  |  December 23, 2008 at 7:25 am

    My mom told me that after Katrina, Weight Watchers & Curves enrollment skyrocketed. It appears that seeing anorexic models does NOT make us say “I wish I looked like that” but seeing the obese New Orleans poorest residents on tv makes us think “OMG, I don’t want to look like that.”

  • 2. Pangie  |  December 23, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I am so proud of you, Jen! You are doing so awesome. You will be below 200 before you know it!

    I don’t know that show, but it sounds interesting. The show that I miss is “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids” that used to be on TLC. I’d like to see that one come back.

  • 3. Amanda  |  December 23, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Pangie – I remember watching that show with you! Wasn’t that the one we thought looked horrible and then we actually watched it and loved it? I think so. But I remember watching it with you and loving it. 🙂

    Jen- CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome. Maybe the British use ‘stone’ as a measurement becase it makes them sound lighter? I am not sure. Once upon a time I was exactlly 7 stone and that was fun for me to say. Now I’m 9.8 and I am not sure how to say that. I have heard of quarter incriments so do I say I am 9 and 3/4 stone or round up to 10? So confusing. 😛

  • 4. Pangie  |  December 23, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Amanda: Yes, we watched that when we lived together. I loved it! 🙂 And I think you are right that we thought it looked bad at first.

    Re: Stone – Maybe we should celebrate the loss of each stone as a milestone? 😉 I’m 13 stone and I’ aiming for 10 stone, so I have 3 stones to lose.

    Maybe we could call partial stone increments pebbles? Amanda is 9 stone 8 pebble? 😉

  • 5. Jennifer  |  December 23, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    *Does some Math*

    I weighed 17.5 stone when I started this journey.
    I have lost a stone! Woo hoo!

    All told, I want to lose about 7 stone. (You’re right, Amanda..that does sound less intimidating than saying ‘100 pounds’)

    There are 29 Mondays between here and NarniaCon next July.

    If I lose 2 pounds per week between now and then (and I know that’s ambitious, but just for the sake of argument) I will weigh 169 by then.

    169! Wait, did I do that right? *refigures* 0.0 That’s, like…shopping in the normal people’s clothes sizes weight!

  • 6. Jennifer  |  December 23, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    Mel: I could easily believe that.

    At one point in the What Not To Eat show I saw yesterday, one of the girls was caught cheating on her prescribed diet. Gillian got her back by showing her a doctored photo showing what she would look like ’10 stone heavier’, as she would undoubtedly be by a year from then if she didn’t change her habits. It did the trick, apparently.

    I found myself wondering whether I would be as motivated by that as I would be by a projection of myself at my goal weight. Based on your comment, I think maybe the threat of getting fatter would be more motivating than the promise of what awaits us when we’re thin. But it’s still interesting.

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