ADF/WW: Day 16

December 23, 2008 at 10:57 pm 2 comments

Clash of the titans.  Andy and I went shopping today.  Because of various and sundry plans, the lengthy and angsty circumstances of which I will spare you from having to read, we have been assigned the responsibility of Christmas Dinner on Thursday even though Greg’s family is hosting Christmas this year for the Boeyink side.  We don’t especially mind this, as truthfully I think we’re more comfortable eating here than at Greg’s anyway, but the planning of such a meal under the present circumstances is bound to create issues.  And it did.

Basically, it’s a clash of objectives.  Once again, it’s Wal-mart meets Target, Shop-n-Save squaring off with Dierberg’s.  I want to make a snooty meal, that would make Alton Brown proud.  Andy wants meat and potatoes dripping with gravy, and green bean casserole.   He is understandably confused by my resistance to this plan, as I have NEVER balked at such a meal before.  But now I’m picturing the spread he proposes and all I can see is, “I don’t want to eat that.  I don’t want to eat that either.  Ugh.. we can do so much better than THAT.”   I point out that he’s LIKED all of the meals I’ve made so far.  He points out that he hasn’t liked the salads.  I tell him not to eat the salad.  He says it’s a dinner at his house, and he thinks he’s entitled to a caesar salad with 200 grams of fat if he wants it.  I point out that it’s my house too, and I have to make the stuff, and I don’t want to gain it all back just because he’s decided to make salad dressing into his own personal culinary Waterloo.

And then we glare at each other over the cart, while Zack and Noah play tag in the produce section, eventually skidding into and  knocking over a carefully arranged display of fruit baskets.  Great.

In the end, we table the salad discussion and never come back to it, so even as I write this I have no idea what we’re going to serve for salad.  I acquiesced to the Green Bean Casserole, but insisted on crudites.   We agreed on a ham and I said I would make potatoes only if he would let me make herbed potatoes, rather than the cheesy potato bake my Mom makes.   He compromised on the rolls, too, letting me get an assortment of premade dinner rolls (which included some multigrain) rather than the usual brown-and-serve rolls.   I’m not entirely happy, but I’ll live.

I think I’m getting to him, though.  A good friend of mine had a baby on Sunday, a full three weeks before he was expected.  We went to visit her in the hospital today, and as a result we didn’t get aorund to eating lunch until amost 2:00.  The kids were about to start eating each other, they were so hungry.  We stopped at Fazoli’s because it was close, and I rediscovered the joy of the Nutrition Information Flier.

My initial request was an Italian Submarino on Multigrain Whole Wheat, but upon consulting the nutrition information I realized that I was requesting a 660 calorie sandwich with 24 grams of fat.  Yikes.  I quickly amended my order to a grilled chicken ciabatta, which came out to more like 480 calories and 10 grams of fat.  Still high, but certainly better.   Andy, meanwhile, ordered the original Submarino… and I noticed he ordered it on Whole Wheat, which was a surprise to me.

At the table I ran through the rest of the flier, just out of curiousity.  It was there that I was figuring out my points, and I came up with about 13 for the whole meal.  Again, high, but not really that bad when you consider that I ate 5 points for breakfast and I’m supposed to be coming out above my target anyway.   Then I figured up Andy’s.  I actually thought he’d gotten a different sandwich at first, and then he corrected me.  I checked the calories, and it said 880!  Andy said, “Don’t tell me the points.  I don’t want to know.”  I told him I didn’t blame him.  I calculated them anyway, though.  It came out to about 21 points for the sandwich alone.  That’s like a whole day’s worth of points for a normal person. o.0  Holy moly!

Oh, speaking of that, my WW points total went down from 30 to 28 this week.   I remember that being a serious issue for me, adjusting to a new points total as I lost the weight.  Like I noted in a previous post, it seemed like I was being punished for success.  I hated that.

But that said, I am now back to the points total I was assigned when I was using WW after having Zack.  Somehow I find that to be a kind of victory.  I have made it back to the beginning. 😉  And having figured out that by midsummer I could potentially be under 170, I’m like…skipping around the house now.  It feels doable, and even sort of inevitable now.  I can totally do this!

I’m especially looking forward to hearing someone who doesn’t know I’m on the diet say, “Wow, Jen.  You look good.  Have you lost weight?”  That hasn’t happened yet, but even I can’t see much of a change in me yet.


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  • 1. run4change  |  December 24, 2008 at 7:24 am

    The shopping thing got me laughing pretty good. Boy do I understand that, except I’m the guy in my story. Anyways, that does hit us pretty hard when our darn points go done. I started out with 44, now I have to eat 31. The ladies in my meetings attack me when I say that it seems like so little.

    Good post.

  • 2. Jennifer  |  January 5, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Aww, thanks. 😉 If I had to stand there and endure the humiliation of having to pick up the poor fruit baskets and apologize to the store manager for my children, I’m glad that at least the story ends up being entertaining. 😉

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