ADF/WW: Day 17

December 24, 2008 at 10:05 am 1 comment

Well, I was good.  I ate a 3-point box of the Healthy Weight veggie blend (Mmm, Edamame!) for lunch, and then didn’t eat anything else until dinner.  I suppose if I were going to do the thing absolutely right, I would have foregone that too, but I was afraid I’d off the deep end once I got to Greg and Maureen’s house that night if I didn’t eat a little bit before I got there.   As much control as I can show in the morning on ‘fasting’ days, it’s a little different when you’ve eaten nothing all day and you arrive completely depleted to a place featuring a spread of crackers and cheese balls covered with pecans.   :/

Dinner at G&Ms, by the way, pretty much represents the epitome of a Nervous Eating Situation for me.  Andy’s brother and sister-in-law are very nice, and have always made us feel welcome when we’re over there.  But despite the fact that our families live only about 10 minutes apart and our kids are all the same ages, we only ever see them for family events.   Andy and Greg were never exactly close, and our social circles are quite different.  We do not, as a rule, mourn the lack of a closer friendship with them, nor do they mourn the lack of one with us.  We are family, and we’re content to let it go at that.

But this naturally breeds a certain amount of formality when we are together, and the fact that Maureen is tall and willowy and beautifully thin doesn’t help much.  Andy’s Mom is shaped more the way I am, which does remove some of the pressure on me to stay thinner, but still.  I find myself in a classic situation where I am humming along on an undercurrent of nerves, and the best way to stay socially comfortable once the ‘how was your trip?’ and other standby small-talk topics have been spent is to be eating.

Maureen always sets out a tray of crackers and some kind of dip before dinner.  Ordinarily, I would take a plate and help myself, and then firmly tell myself not to eat any more.  Then the small talk would hit a lull, and I’d find myself wandering back in spite of myself, just to have something to do or to avoid sitting there in awkward silence.    Then dinner would come, and I would spend the whole dinner trying to decide whether it would be socially acceptable to have seconds on things, and desperately wanting seconds if only because I felt denied them.

This time was better.  I stayed out of the kitchen, didn’t have any crackers or cheese, and at dinner I had seconds if I felt like it, but I only ate the meat one piece at a time.  (Normally we spear two and three pieces on a skewer at a time.)  I had a piece of key lime pie for dessert, which I probably could have done without.. But that was definitely a social move on my part.  I was determined that this diet not put me in a position where I felt I had to draw attention to it or otherwise make others uncomfortable when we’re in social situations, so I gave myself permission to eat it.  I just kept it small.

So that was good.  I did everything I had resolved to do, and that’s important.   There were no, “OMG I’m eating this and I didn’t even want it!” situations, and that’s what I was going for.  Planning is very much key, still… looking ahead and seeing the potential pitfalls, and then making decisions about how to handle them when they come along.   It’s when I’m coasting along that I find myself in trouble.


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  • 1. Pangie  |  December 26, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Sounds like that day was an overall big success! 🙂

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