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Exercise, Day 6: Walking Late

Well, sort of.   I’ve been in the habit of walking first thing in the morning, but today the boys had basketball camp from 8:00-10:15, and then we took them to Home Depot for the Kids’ Workshop.  By the time we got home it was time to make lunch, so between prep, cleanup, and putting Luke down for his nap, I’m getting down here to walk at almost 1:30 pm.

It doesn’t help that Andy is also treadmilling. 😉  He’s not entirely sold on changing what we eat, but he does want to feel better and the treadmill is much easier to do while watching TV than the elliptical, so he’s asserting his right to take part.  I am glad of this, but I’m not a patient person and having to wait my turn is annoying.  😉  Fortunately, he goes back to school on Monday, so I won’t have to wait on him.  I guess I can afford to be magnanimous.



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