Exercise, Day 7: Sweating the Weigh-In

January 4, 2009 at 2:09 pm 3 comments

First week is down.  I’m walking as I write this, so I’ve succeeded in completing my first week of daily walking.  I got in three hours’ worth yesterday, which made up for the deficit of the day before, but I’m still not looking forward to tomorrow.  I have a feeling the results won’t be so good.

The reason for this is that I’ve been eating a lot.  I’m only eating on my eating days, granted, and I’ve been dutiful about recording what I’ve eaten, but check out the points values for this week:

Monday (Fasting Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 35 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 5
  • Points spent:  6.5
  • Points spent so far: 6.5

Tuesday (Eating Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 35 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 5 (10 total)
  • Points Spent: 37.5
  • Points Spent so far: 44

Wednesday (New Years’ Eve, swapped Eating Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 25.5 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 6 (16 total)
  • Points Spent: 53.5
  • Points Spent so far: 97.5

Thursday (Fasting Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 0 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 9 (25 total)
  • Points Spent: 5.5
  • Points Spent so far: 101

Friday (Eating Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 0 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 3 (28 total)
  • Points Spent: 43
  • Points Spent so far: 144

Saturday (Fasting Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 0 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 9 (37 – 15 = 22 total)
  • Points Spent: 6.5
  • Points Spent so far: 150.5

So far today (Eating Day)

  • Goal Points: 28 to lose, 32 to maintain, plus 0 Weekly Points
  • Activity Points Gained: 0 (22 points)
  • Points Spent: 15.5
  • Points Spent So far: 165.5

As you can see, not only am I going over goal points for the week on my On/Up/Eating days, I’m going over them by A LOT.  I’d blown all 35 of my Weekly Points by Wednesday, and now I’m taking big chunks out of my Activity points too.  In one day, 15 points over, and THAT day wasn’t even New Years’.

This is made all the more convicting by the unfortuate knowledge that I’m not entirely sure my New Years’ Eve tally is correct.  I wrote everything down the next day, which means I might have forgotten exactly what I ate, and probably did go over by more than I accounted for here.  Exactly how much over, I don’t know.

All of this really wouldn’t bother me, except that just in the last week alone, this whole diet regimen went from being very easy to do to being unbelievably hard.  I guess it’s natural that allowing myself to eat the way I did at the NYE party would have some after-effects, reminding myself of how pleasurable it was before when I could and would just eat whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences.  Maybe, in a way, I’ve had to start over at the beginning, and because these past few days have been every bit as bad as that first week was, if not worse.  At least that week, I EXPECTED it to be bad. This has kind of hit me between the eyes.

And maybe the exercise is also to blame… My energy requirements are surely higher than normal, so maybe I just need to cut myself a break.   My body is having to make a lot of adjustments, and I guess it’s only natural for it to demand some kind of compensation for all it’s putting up with from me right now.

I guess the one good thing is that assuming I didn’t eat 5,000 calories on NYE for which I have failed to account,  I’m still coming in well below my overall points intake for the week.  Presumably on ADF you’re to eat ‘normally’ on the Eating days, which to me suggests I should go by the Maintain value rather than the Weight Loss value in terms of Points Goal for the day.  That being the case, I’m presumably entitled to 32 * 7, or 224 points per week, plus the 35 weekly points.. So we’ll say 250 total.   (I know we’re not supposed to ‘bank’ anymore, but just for the sake of argument..) That’s without counting in extra points for exercise, so let’s assume I walk 1 hour per day, and add in 35 points for that too.  285.

So technically, I’m still taking in less than I’m alotted, even without the exercise.  I figure for dinner tonight I’ll have some kind of chicken dish with whole grain rice, a salad and the rest of my QT smoothie from the other day.  This will probably put me over on points, but hopefully not by too many.

Either way, I am not necessarily anticipating much of a loss this week.  And I think I do need to get a grip on my intake, the toal values notwithstanding.  I realize a 1-2 pound loss per week is about right, and I don’t necessarily expect more than that, but it would be nice to hit closer to the 2-pound mark rather than the 1. 😉  I also think that if I’m going to continue with the treadmill (and I intend to), I need to figure out my measurements so I can track progress that isn’t weight-related.  I can already tell that my leg muscles have more definition now than they had before, so I’m bound to gain muscle weight sooner or later here.

Oh!  I got new shoes today.  Thank you, Andy.  They’re just some $11.00 athletic shoes from Wal-Mart, so they’re nothing fancy, but anything has to be better than the ratty old shoes I was wearing before.  These feel much sturdier.

This morning I ate a good breakfast (grapes, 1/2 of a bagel with a little cream cheese, and a mini quiche thing that was worth about 1.5 points), and then sat there jonesing for more all throughout Bible Study.  We went to the store after church, which didn’t help… but at least I found myself craving a salad, as opposed to a doughnut.  I also noticed while we were sitting at the stoplight in the van on the way home that the undercurrent of buzzing desperation to eat something was suddenly reinforced with an actual gnawing in my stomach.  I thought, “Oh that’s right.. there’s a difference.”

This time, though, the ache wasn’t so much in my mouth as just sort of all over.  But it wasn’t in my stonach; the actual hunger pangs made THAT point loud and clear.  But man, just before I felt that, I would have sworn to you that I was hungry.  It’s just not even funny.

I’ve come so far, and yet I still have so friggin’ far to go. :/


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Exercise, Day 6: Walking Late Week 1 Weigh In


  • 1. melalvai  |  January 4, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    If I understand this correctly, what you are trying to do is stay under 32 points on feast days but you are consistently going over that.

    If you were just doing WW points without ADF, at 28 per day (to lose) plus 35 weekly bonus points, you have 231 for a week. Or 259 to maintain.

    You’ve eaten 165 points in one week, though I estimate about 190 or 200 points after today is done (based on your usual intake on the other feast days you reported this week).

    If you calculate 4 days X 32 points, + 35 bonus points, = 163. If I understand correctly that is what you are actually shooting for.

    It sounds like 163 points is a little too ambitious, but you are still coming in 30 pts under the WW allotment for weight loss. Have a pat on the back: *pat*pat*

  • 2. Jennifer  |  January 4, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Yeah.. total for the day in the end was 39 points. This bugs me, because 11 points of dinner was salad and whole-grain quinoa. I think I need a new salad dressing 😉 The quinoa was really good, though, which surprised me since it had cilantro Normally I’m not a fan of cilantro :/

    So total for the week is 189.5, That is considerably above 163, but I guess when you consider that I technically earned 43 activity points as well, the extra 26.5 points don’t sound too bad

    I guess I’ll accept the pat on the back. Thank you, Rachel 🙂 But I think tomorrow will be the real bottom line

    One thing that probably matters… this week I managed to stay properly hydrated the whole week. As much as I love ice water, i tend to love salt more, and it’s not unusual for me to dehydrate myself anyway. This week I was better about that, but having enough water in my system also means adding weight. Meh.

    I shouldn’t be punished for doing the right things. 😉

  • 3. run4change  |  January 5, 2009 at 7:33 am

    You will be fine. The most important thing is to just weigh in regardless of the result. Just to face the music is a big victory. Great job on your walking and keep up the good work.

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