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Exercise Day 11: First Impressions are Everything

Today involved a visit to the upper-scale grocery store to pick up the things my other store didn’t carry.  Among them: wheat germ, whole wheat flour (which SnS DOES carry; I just forgot to grab some), cranberries and edamame.  I also got some Almond Butter, as per Pangie’s suggestion.  Wow, though… it cost $10 for one jar!  Yikes!

So I guess I add to my weekly total, but at last most of what I got was stuff that will take more than one week — or even one month — to consume, unless I really work at it.  I did also break down and get some of those $1.00 reusable grocery bags.  I am still not sure why, as we make use of the plastic ones to line trash cans around the house.  I almost feel like using these is more wasteful in that way, because we’re still going to use SOMETHING to line the trash cans.



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