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Exercise, Day 12: Walking Late Again

Just a note to everyone out there: if you go to the Daniel Boone Home historic site and you’re hoping to get some walking in because, you know, they have a whole village there, and because, you know, it’s a beautiful day and all, just let me assure you right now not to even bother.   The policies there have changed such that they only permit visitors to even walk into/around the Village as part of a private tour, and apparently during the winter they don’t have enough staff on hand to accommodate tours through the house AND the village.

That would have been a nice thing to have posted on, you know, their WEBSITE, but of course they didn’t bother to say anything.  I mean, we had to go anyway, as part of a Home Life project for Zack’s class, but I wouldn’t have counted on that for my exercise if I’d realized.

So… I am walking late today, and hoping to get in at least 90 minutes of walking before I need to step off and go do something else. :/



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