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Exercise, Day 13: I’m Doing Science (And I’m Still Alive)

Walking late again today.  The boys’ school semester ends on Tuesday night at midnight, when apparently all of their 1st semester lessons will lock up never to be unlocked again, and so we’re doing the mad dash to the end here.  In the last two days we’ve done three Home Life projects in a row, two of which included cooking, so I’ve been really busy today.

However, here I am, a-walkin’.  I’m actually an hour in at this point, and I’m trying to make myself walk a full 100 minutes before I take a break.  Only problem is that I’m really thirsty and, like a doofus, I didn’t remember to bring a glass of ice water down with me.  You’d think I hadn’t been doing this for nearly two weeks.  Yeesh.

Maybe I’ll just send one of the boys up to get me one.



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