Exercise, Day 16: Mom

January 13, 2009 at 5:01 pm 4 comments

Mom came over today to weigh herself.  Apparently she wasn’t too pleased with her scale at home. 😉  For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, Mom only weighs herself once a month.  Now, I understand the Weight Watchers’ logic on not weighing every DAY, but somehow waiting an entire month to check seems cavalier in the other direction.  How can you accurately gauge what you’re doing if you don’t check in at least once in awhile?

And sadly, her scale was mean to her.  In the past month, though she’s been doing ADF faithfully — more faithfully than I am, even, as she doesn’t even take the weekends the way I do — she weighs the same as she did last month.   I think she weighs about 182 (she is 5’9″).

Apparently she stepped on and off the scale a number of times, let it reset itself, tried again.  She eventually persuaded it to tell her she weighed 180, but she was so annoyed that she decided to come over here and let my Wii Fit decide the matter once and for all.  The Wii fit puts her at 179.9, so she probably did lose at least 2 pounds.

But man…2 pounds in a month.   That’s depressing.  Of course, she’s not exercising or worrying about nutrition at all.   One thing I noticed, too, was that she dropped from Obese to Overweight at 190.  The last time she’d been over to use the Wii fit was almost six months ago, so she HAS lost quite a bit.  I think she’s lost about 18 pounds or so, and she’s been doing it a month longer than I have.  I’m just racing past her because A) I had more to lose than she did, and B) I’m doing more diety stuff than she is in addition to the ADF.   She says she’s going to start exercising now and see what that does.  She wants to get down to 160, so that’ll probably be necessary… although, truth be told, I think she looks pretty good NOW.  Everyone says so.  182 on a woman who is 5’9″ isn’t bad at all.

She wants to know if the Wii Fit changed her Mii’s morphology.  I think it did… when it did the BMI check and swelled her up, she swelled up only partway.  That was kind of cool.  My Mii is still a bowling ball with head and limbs.  I’ll get there eventually.

It would be cool if Mom and I could exercise together, but I know from experience that that ain’t gonna happen.  Even if we were both miraculously transformed into the kind of people who would be religious about that (and neither of us is like that), she and I are drawn to different kinds of exercise.  She does, like…tapes and stuff.  Standing in your living room, waving your arms and feet around.  It’s fine work, I suppose, but I get bored with that and I feel ridiculous.  At least using the Wii Fit, I’m shooting for some kind of goal.  When I do the sort of things she tends to do, all there is to think about is how ridiculous I must look.

We could probably walk together, but her stride is so much longer than mine that I spend the whole time running while she barely gets a workout.  Anyway, it’s too cold out to walk anywhere much right now.  So maybe the way it is is better all around.  She wouldn’t find walking and working online all that interesting, whereas it makes the world go around for me.  To each his own.

I haven’t started dinner yet and it’s almost 5:00.  So much for Homey Coziness tonight. :/  But the kids’ semester ends tonight, so I’m pretty frazzled trying to get the last minute portfolio items ready to go.  Maybe I can cut myself slack in the HC department tonight.  I’ve walked 33 minutes, but I could go make something now and come back down.  I just seem to be so BEHIND today.  Yeesh.


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  • 1. melalvai  |  January 13, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Well, she’s older than you and has that metabolism thing working against her. She’s not chasing after toddlers. If she’s not exercising, her calorie expenditure is probably really low. It sounds like using ADF she is just barely eating less than she burns. If she had better luck with it at first…broken record alert…yeah, water. 🙂

    I am keen to hear what a little exercise does for her!

    It is cold enough that I told Iain I don’t think I want to walk unless it is above freezing, and actually I think my cutoff is a little higher than that. Rain doesn’t stop us but wind does. I really want matching treadmills. (Or a stationary bike next to a treadmill.) Then we can walk (or bike) at whatever pace we like and still be walking together!

  • 2. Jennifer  |  January 13, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Oh oh oh! You should totally get matching treadmills and matching treadmill desks, and then you can be that couple that uses IM to chat while walking instead of talking. 🙂

    Or, even better, we can all ‘walk together’ long distance! 🙂

  • 3. Wendy  |  January 14, 2009 at 6:56 am

    I like that last thought, I could set up my laptop on my hand-me-down treadmill and “talk’n’walk”…hmmm, let me know…talk to you about that thought on Monday!

  • 4. Feaelin  |  January 17, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Space for His and Hers Treadmills is a consideration. We’re eyeing foldy ones, but that’s also a fair bit of capital to expend at once.

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