Exercise, Day 18: Another World

January 15, 2009 at 12:03 pm

It’s weird when you realize you’ve been doing the Sour Grapes thing without even realizing it.  Suddenly so many things you’ve rejected as irrelevant or unimportant start becoming interesting to you.  It’s enough to make you feel sort of foolish.

I have never been a big fan of morning talk shows.  In fact, I have traditionally regarded them with an attitude ranging from ennui to outright disdain.  So Oprah recommends this book or that one; why do I care?  I’m not Oprah.  Aww, Rosie O’Donnell’s show went under?  Gosh, that’s a shame.  Is Ellen Degeneres still doing a show?  Oh, she has a NEW one now?  Wow.  Who knew?  And Rachel Ray?  Isn’t she one of those Food Network people?  What’s she doing on FOX?

Why should I be so dismissive?  Mainly, I think, because so little of the content of those kinds of shows actually applies to me.  Nearly every show focuses on fashion, celebrities, fitness and dating… Not unlike popular fashion magazines, which also do not appeal to me much.  They’re both parts of a world to which I do not belong.

I have never minded this.  Never in my adult life have I been concerned enough about fashion or fitness to care how this celebrity or that one lost their post-baby weight or what that celebrity wore to whatever awards ceremony.   Never mind the fact that the priorities and values espoused in these magazines and shows are not ones I happen to share.   I have never felt like I’ve been missing much by not taking part, to be honest.

But all the same, suddenly I find myself watching Mike and Juliet in the morning on Fox.  And, loathe as I am to admit it, Rachael Ray too.  I don’t have anything against Rachael Ray, but she kind of reminds me of Ricki Lake, and frankly Ricki was always pretty tacky.  Rachael isn’t like that, thankfully, but the crossed impression still bothers me for some reason.

I think maybe it’s just that Dr. Johnson’s statement about the fact that no one EVER gets to eat whatever they want and as much as they want that somehow drew a line for me that I wasn’t drawing on my own.  Maybe before now, I assumed that the fitness stuff that is discussed in these shows and in magazines was targeting more those who are a size 6 shooting for a size 2 or something.  It’s not as if there are many people my size appearing in the articles or anything.   At the very least, I believed that the diet recommendations and such that the shows tend to make were things I couldn’t bring myself to follow.  Tofu? Quinoa? A half a bagel with light cream cheese and that’s it for breakfast?  No way.  Clearly talking to someone else because that would never work here.

But now I’m spending every other day subsisting on a piece of fruit for breakfast, and a bowl of steamed vegetables for lunch and dinner.  A half a bagel with cream cheese kind of sounds like a lot of calories, without much of a nutritional payback.   It’s like I’ve walked through some kind of curtain and found myself in a completely different world.  The world of Everyone Else I keep talking about, I guess.

I still don’t plan to follow the exploits of Brangelina or Nick-and-Jessica too closely.  I hope that’s okay.  And Oprah can recommend all she wants; until she starts whipping out the Terry Pratchett, I’m not interested.   But Rachael Ray had on the Men’s Health dude who put out ‘Eat This Not That’ yesterday, and I watched, and now I’m thinking about giving Yoga another shot.


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