Exercise, Day 19: BLARG!

January 16, 2009 at 2:07 pm 2 comments

I was cursing Michelle last night.  Not that she actually did anything to me, but she was the bearer of bad news, so I cursed her anyway.  😉

Last night Andy decided to be really nice and bring home Chinese food for dinner.  Asian food is my other passion, besides Chex Mix.  Particularly the really bad-for-you stuff.  I am a real Crab Rangoon connoisseur, and if whatever it is isn’t 50% sodium, I’m not interested.  I want my rice fried and my plate at least as full of deep-fried spring rolls as it is with anything else.  A side of pure MSG is always appreciated.

I am, of course, exaggerating.  But not by much.  There are healthy Asian dishes I like, and in general I do tend to eat a lot of vegetables when I eat Chinese food.   My usual order is Broccoli Pork, after all.

Keeping in mind my recent dietary preoccupations, though, Andy offered to get me something vegetarian.  I accepted.  So I was mostly good. I didn’t even eat the fried rice that came with it, however tempting it might have been.  The sauce was rich enough that I figured I was indulging plenty without having to be ridiculous about it.  It was an Up Day and all, but there was no reason to go nuts, right?

I did, however, eat crab rangoon.  That is, I told myself, what Up Days are for, after all.  In fact, I gave myself leave to eat three of them.  Sadly, while this is a lot, it’s one less than I’d have eaten before.  My day to that point had been light, as I’d had a salad for lunch and Kashi for breakfast.  I figured I could indulge.  However, rest assured: I paid for it.

Michelle was the one who admonished me awhile back for my bad attitude about the choice between yummy greasy pizza and a tasteless salad.   At the time I was still dealing with my resentment over the difficulty in making that choice, although I’m clearly getting much better about that now.  She said I would feel TIRED.   I wish that was what I had felt.  Tired I could have handled.  Instead, I felt sick.

Maybe they were just bad.  Or maybe something else I ate was bad, I don’t know.  All I know is that an hour or so after we ate, I felt sick.  My head hurt, my stomach hurt, I felt nauseated.   So I blamed Michelle. 😉  Poor Michelle.

I never thought anything in this world could make me think I would never eat Crab Rangoon again, but man.. I’m there right now.  It was yummy, but it wasn’t worth feeling like that.

By the way, I noticed today that my hair looks different.  It’s fuller now.  Even without any sort of added product or anything, it has more body than it did before.  Is that normal?


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  • 1. Melalvai  |  January 16, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    I adore crab rangoons. A crab rangoon or two or three, and a bowl of hot & sour soup, makes a perfect lunch. I often order just those 2 sides, and no entree.

    I for one hope you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again some day, although maybe there is something to be said for having new healthier favorite foods.

    Blog hijack here: I was reading about how to make rice cakes (it involves a factory with precisely regulated temperature & humidity and a cast iron mold). Although that is clearly impractical for the home cook, I learned about rice cakes in general. They are customary for Korean celebrations, for example. (Not the puffed rice cakes only available from factories; a more normal kind of rice cake.) And there is a food whose name means “burnt pot”. It refers to the crusty rice that sticks to the ceramic pots it is cooked in. This crusty stuff is made into sweets or even tea.

  • 2. Jennifer  |  January 16, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Yeah…it’s amazing how many burnt, crusty remnants stuck to pans are incorporated into things. Alton Brown did a show on pot roast that I watched last night (as the nausea was coming on, and of course his sweeping camera angles and quick closeups didn’t exacty make my stomach happy) and he was making much of the flavorful stuff stuck to the pan when the searing was done. 😉

    For the record, I AM walking today, in spite of feeling like crap. Definite tribute to the 21-day thing there. I’m on Day 19 or 20 or whatever, for heaven’s sake. No way am I blowing it NOW.

    I’m starting to wonder if it was the food at all, actually, since there’s definitely something sinusy to the headache that is plaguing me. On the upside, I’ve decided not to go to Bunco tonight, just in case I’ve contracted something, so I’m once again skating past the social obligation eating problem by just being too under the weather to participate. :/

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