Weight Check: Day 5

January 16, 2009 at 10:18 am

Day Prev Day Food Prev Day Exercise Prev Day Hyd Weight Diff over Yest Diff overall
Mon Up Day 150 min Good 220/219 N/A N/A
Tues Down Day 150 min Good 217/216 -3/-3 -3/-3
Weds Up Day 60 min OK 219/216.5 +2/+0.5 -1/-2.5
Thurs Down Day 170 min OK 217/215.8 -2/-0.7 -3/-3.2
Fri Up Day 130 min OK 217/215.2 -0/-0.6 -3/-3.8

And…I have officially hit my Wii Fit target. As excited as my Mii was, I then got scolded for losing the weight too fast.  Sheesh.  I know there’s danger of rebound, but can’t ANYTHING just be HAPPY for me?

I’ve reset my Wii Fit goal to match the 10% in 8 weeks goal that Pangie and I worked out using the timeframe for my first 10% loss.  Instead of 25 pounds, I’ll be shooting for 22 this time.   The goal date is March 17th, which apparently also doesn’t make the Wii Fit very happy.  It wants me to lose an average of 2 pounds every two weeks, instead of 4 pounds every two weeks.  Whatever.  Shut up, Wii Fit.


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