Exercise+, Day 3: Chasing my Motivation

January 21, 2009 at 6:55 pm

It appears that for whatever reason, this week is going to be an exercise in forging on even when your motivation flags.   Going back yesterday and backlogging my food journal definitely helped, so I know that feeling I was ‘slipping’ was part of what I was feeling yesterday.  I feel better now on that front, but today the Down Day is back to being sort of hard again.  I’ve been good; I had a banana for breakfast with my vitamins, and I my Green Giant veggies for lunch and dinner…  But while today wasn’t as bad as some days I’ve had, I still noticed that I found myself doing that ‘food addict’ thing of watching the clock and wishing lunchtime or dinnertime would come around faster.  It wasn’t even that I was particularly hungry; I just kind of felt…annoyed with it.

Which isn’t good.  And I don’t know what’s causing me to feel this way.  Nothing bad has happened that ought to be discouraging me.  In fact, I just came down off of a very satisfying 5-pound-in-one-week loss; you’d think I’d be raring to go, driven by that momentum.  On the other hand, maybe I just feel like I’ve ‘arrived’ and it should be easy now?  Is that my problem?

I’m still being good, BTW… The kids have done school.  I started making a list of all of the businesses with websites that I could find in the Yellow Pages.  I even walked for 180 minutes — 1 hour more than required! — so I’ve nothing to feel discouraged over.  I just… I don’t know.

Actually, yes.  I do know.  It’s the 21-day thing.  Up until now, I’ve taken each 21-day cycle and added something good.  I started a diet plan.  I started food journalling.  I started exercising daily.  All of those things were major jumps forward considering the sedentary, See-Food-Diet lifestyle I was living before.   At this point, though, I have added in every major thing I can think of and all I can really do going forward is to modify one of the things I’ve already done, or veer away from weight loss entirely.  As a result, this round of slapped-together, unrelated goals and slight adjustments has me feeling sort of ‘at loose ends’.  I am not as proud of what I’m doing this time as I was of my work to attain previous 21-day goals.

So maybe I’ll just drop the work and school goals.  I don’t like them anyway, because they’re things dependent on factors beyond my control.  Also, while work is an every day thing, school is not, and I don’t think 21-day goals should exclude the weekends. 😉

So… I am going to focus on walking my 120 minutes every day and just up my incline level to make it a better workout this time.   It’s do-able and beneficial.  And next round, I’ll concentrate on sleeping better.  Being in bed by midnight every night and up at 8:00.  By that time it’ll be Lent and I’ll have started my vegetarian run, so that can be my next 21-day goal.  I still feel kind of silly about that one, since I don’t think I would actually MISS meat all that much.. but it’s something to play with. 😉

There.  I feel better. 😉 I’m still going to try and do the school and work thing, but I won’t hinge my 21-day success or failure on those.


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