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It happened…

Susan Hingst stopped me at church tonight and said, “By the way, Jenny.. you look great!”

And tonight at the Trivia Night, my name was pulled for a Door Prize.  I picked out a shirt.  Size XL.   That is the first time in years that I’ve been able to pick out a shirt as a prize; normally they’re all too small.  I think I will cherish that shirt for a long time. 😉

I just wanted to share that.  And report in that I am walking my second hour away now, so I am still on track. 😉


January 24, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Exercise+, Day 6: Friends, Gastric Bypass and Thou

Our weekends are filling up quickly.   Tonight is going to be a royal pain in the proverbial tuckus.  We’ve been invited to take part in a Trivia Night to benefit a local youth group, and it’s supposed to open at 6:00, and begin at 7:00.  It’s actually pretty important to get there around opening time, because part of the competition is table decorating, and if we don’t get there pretty quickly we won’t have time to set up properly.

Problem is, we have to be at church from 5-6pm.  Andy is the presiding elder at this service, and I, naturally, have to play Handbells. To make matters worse, Zack’s second basketball game is this afternoon at 3:30, which means it ends around 4:30, and I have to be up at church around 4:15.  So beginning around 3:15 we’re going to be leaping this way and dashing that way and I doubt we’ll be to anyplace we’re supposed to be on time.  If either of us just didn’t HAVE to be at church tonight, I think it would be fine..but as it is, we’re dealing with a lot of meh.

So I’m walking now, to at least get some walking in before the craziness starts.  I’m shooting for at least an hour, which should ideally give me enough time to prepare what needs to be prepared for the Trivia Night and get it loaded into the car.  Then I might actually get to take in some of Zack’s game, which I really don’t want to miss.  There is precisely one sport in this world that I actually enjoy watching, and now that my own SON is playing, I’m all the more determined to be there.  If I end up having to miss it, I’m going to be really upset.


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