Exercise+, Day 6: Friends, Gastric Bypass and Thou

January 24, 2009 at 2:39 pm 2 comments

Our weekends are filling up quickly.   Tonight is going to be a royal pain in the proverbial tuckus.  We’ve been invited to take part in a Trivia Night to benefit a local youth group, and it’s supposed to open at 6:00, and begin at 7:00.  It’s actually pretty important to get there around opening time, because part of the competition is table decorating, and if we don’t get there pretty quickly we won’t have time to set up properly.

Problem is, we have to be at church from 5-6pm.  Andy is the presiding elder at this service, and I, naturally, have to play Handbells. To make matters worse, Zack’s second basketball game is this afternoon at 3:30, which means it ends around 4:30, and I have to be up at church around 4:15.  So beginning around 3:15 we’re going to be leaping this way and dashing that way and I doubt we’ll be to anyplace we’re supposed to be on time.  If either of us just didn’t HAVE to be at church tonight, I think it would be fine..but as it is, we’re dealing with a lot of meh.

So I’m walking now, to at least get some walking in before the craziness starts.  I’m shooting for at least an hour, which should ideally give me enough time to prepare what needs to be prepared for the Trivia Night and get it loaded into the car.  Then I might actually get to take in some of Zack’s game, which I really don’t want to miss.  There is precisely one sport in this world that I actually enjoy watching, and now that my own SON is playing, I’m all the more determined to be there.  If I end up having to miss it, I’m going to be really upset.

I spent the morning out, too, which doesn’t help much.  I went and got a new electronic probe thermometer to use while cooking meat, and the food I thought I’d need for tonight.  The issue with these Trivia Nights in terms of my diet is that they are snackfests.  Everyone brings a bunch of food and you sit and gnosh while you’re collectively answering questions.  Having coordinated with the other couples coming, I know there will be at least one veggie tray and I’m bringing fruit and Soy Chips, so I should be okay.  As frustrated and cranky as I have been all week, I do not want to find myself on Monday facing no weight loss, even if I CAN justify it on some hormonal grounds.

I found a video on the internet last night.  I had known it was there, but I didn’t bother to go watch it until now.  A friend of mine from college, Angie (Busker) Meyer, had always been really heavy all the time I knew her.   I remember seeing pictures of her from high school and such, and she was pretty much always that way, from adolescence on.   We’ve not exactly been in close contact lately, despite the fact that she and her husband and daughter live less than 10 miles from me now, but she did tell me that she’d undergone Gastric Bypass surgery last fall, and that she’d been losing a ton of weight in the aftermath.  I had seen pictures awhile back, but she had also said that she and her doctor were going to be featured on the Today Show.  The clip was on YouTube:


Note the pictures in the ‘Let’s hear Angie’s Story’ part of the clip, by the way.  Darin is in the wedding photo, the left-hand kneeling groomsman.  In the background is Randy, Tracy’s ex.  Wow, what a weird time that was…

It’s so weird to see her in this.  A lot of those pictures were taken back when I knew her, so the scenes are familiar.  Yet while that’s definitely her voice, but it doesn’t look like Angie to me at all.  I understand she has now purchased a gym here in St. Charles, and that’s amazing to me too.  I’m happy for her, but it’s hard to get my head around it.

Aside from marvelling at the novelty of having someone with whom I used to be good friends appear on a national television show, and marvelling about just how much of a difference the weight loss has made in her appearance, I did notice that they’d said they will not consider doing GB on anyone whose BMI is not above 40.  This was interesting to me in two directions.  My highest BMI according to the Wii Fit was 39.9!  I was apparently really close to some kind of threshold there, and yet I didn’t go over it… That’s both alarming and a relief.   Not that GB was something I was ready to consider, necessarily, but the promise of fast weight loss is always dangling there, drawing attention.  I’m glad to be able to say my BMI is nearing 30 now.  Whew.

Six minutes until I run like mad… then I guess I come back down here for another hour after Trivia Night tonight.  Poor Noah..I promised him we’d bake cookies today, and I ran out of time. :/  Tomorrow for sure, in and around making Pinewood Derby cars.


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Sing a sad song just to turn it around… It happened…


  • 1. melalvai  |  January 24, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    A friend of mine had her stomach stapled (is that the same as gastric bypass?). She’d been obese since childhood, as long as she could remember. She tried and tried to lose weight, and just could not. I suspect she has or had a thyroid disorder, because her eyes are kind of puffy. After she had the surgery, she lost all the weight fairly quickly. I saw her once in a while throughout, so although she looked a lot different every time I saw her, she was never unrecognizable.

    It is definitely not a procedure to be undertaken lightly. When she told me she had scheduled the surgery, she explained that the risks of surgery were less than the risks of chronic and terminal disease she faced as an obese woman. I thought that was a really good point but it wasn’t until she lost the weight, and had kept it off for years, that I grudgingly decided it’s an appropriate procedure in at least some cases.

    The thing that most amazed me was not so much all the weight she lost, but the fact that she has run a couple half-marathons.

  • 2. Jennifer  |  January 25, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Yeah… I gather that Angie hit an all-time low of about 160 and then the weight started creeping back on. Thus, she started seeing a PT, and then ended up investing in New Lady Fitness when the previous owner absconded.

    Having had four C-sections, I can definitely understand why any sort of abdominal surgery is ‘unfriendly’. It’s a huge disruption to your system and recovery is painful and slow. (Slower, at least, than a vaginal birth.) I think for most who go that route, it comes down to that: that the surgery risks and potential pitfalls are considerably less problematic than all of the other health problems they were experiencing or facing as result of carrying around all that weight.

    Angie’s face is still her own, but she tended to carry a lot of weight AROUND her face, if you’ll recall.. so the difference is dramatic.

    Also, from what I understand, stomach stapling involves closing off a large section of the stomach to reduce its capacity. Gastric Bypass may involve actually removing part of the stomach to accomplish the same thing. I know that with stapling, it tends to be possible to ‘blow the staples’ by eating too much…so GB is probably the more dramatic of the two.

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