Exercise+, Day 8: Got to admit, it’s getting better…

January 26, 2009 at 8:12 pm 3 comments

Today, as Down Days go, was what I think I would term a ‘reassuring’ Down Day.  I was very good, ate about 1/2 cup of Quinoa for breakfast, and my usual veggie blends at lunch and dinner.  In-between I was legitimately hungry, but not such that I felt miserable.  It was just enough to reassure me that I’ve depleted my glycogen stores and presumably my body will be going to my fat stores next. 😉  Just hungry enough to feel like I’m accomplishing something, in other words.

I have also somehow come up with various and sundry other ‘areas of concentration’ for 21-day cycles that hadn’t occurred to me before. Well, that’s not entirely true… they had occurred to me; I had just dismissed them.  Sleep, for example, is a favorite goal among those friends of mine who are also keeping 21-day blogs, but in my case the time period between 8:30 and my own bedtime is often the only time I have to get stuff done.  To force myself to go to bed at 10 or so would seriously cut into my productivity, so I have resisted the temptation to follow suit.  That was probably cavalier of me.  I think I could also stand to make hydration more of a priority than I have been.  ‘Course, as I say this, I accidentally left my favorite $5 water bottle at the hairdresser’s place today…. so I guess I’ll need to run by and pick that up.

I seem to be forever in search of the Perfect Water Bottle.  I keep buying likely subjects onto to reject them later for one reason or another.  I need one that holds about 32 ounces, that is easy to carry, fits in the dishwasher, and affords access to liquid via a straw.  Oh, and the straw should not be easily removed/lost.  Thermal insulation is nice, but not necessarily to be ranked above dishwasher safe.  And it should look kind of cool, too.  The mouth of the bottle should be wide enough to admit ice cubes without a ton of hassle, too.  I am not a fan of frozen inserts.

Wal-Mart is currently carrying the one I left behind today.  It’s actually pretty decent and technically fits all of my requirements as listed above.  I do, however, have one complaint: it does not vent itself properly.  I can draw water out up to a point, but then I have to back off and let the pressure equalize before I can drink again.  So I guess that goes on the list too, and my search continues.

I have upped my walking elevation to 5%.  I have determined in the broad scheme of things that if I want to continue to use my Treadmill table and increase the intensity of my workout at the same time, elevation is definitely the way to go.  I had upped my walking speed to 2.5 MPH, but at that speed and anything higher the laptop just became a pain and I was feeling more resistant to the exercise.  I have since gone back to 2.0 mph, which seems to be my ideal walking speed.  With the elevation nudged up to 5, I can feel a little more going on in my legs, so that’s good.

Weight Watchers is inundating me with reassurances about ‘hitting plateaus’.  I know they mean well, but it’s a little bit depressing. 😉


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  • 1. Pangie  |  January 27, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    My absolute favorite water bottle is the Camelbak. Dishwasher safe (make sure it specifies. Older ones weren’t.), straw (I’ve never lost mine), I think it looks darn cool, there’s a 750ml or a 1 liter, big enough for ice cubes, and I’ve never had a problem with venting.

    I got mine at Scheels.

  • 2. melalvai  |  January 27, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Inspiration moment:
    Everyone hits plateaus…
    when falling from an airplane passing over Springfield, for example.

  • 3. Jennifer  |  January 28, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    I’ll look into the Camelback… I’ve never heard of Scheels, so I’ll have to see if anyone here carries it.

    Is Springfield on a plateau? 😉 I guess I never thought about that before. Hmmm.

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