Exercise+, Day 13: …..Ow.

January 31, 2009 at 11:14 pm

Okay…remember what I wrote yesterday, about feeling the Wii Fit didn’t give me much of a workout?  Well, today my arms are killing me.  Apparently, I should be dining on those words today, as well as as several others. :/

For example, I believe I said that being busy today would be a good thing because it would mean I wouldn’t be eating quite so much as I might if I were home all day.  As it happens, being out and busy all day just meant that when we did eat, we ate at fast food restaurants.  First it was Dairy Queen for lunch, then Long John Silver’s for dinner.  This created an interesting situation for me, as I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere near a fast food place since I started on this lovely journey back in November.    Oh!  No, that’s not true; the first week I did go to McDonald’s, and I had a Fruit-and-Walnut salad.  But beyond that, no.

I did try very hard to be good.  I had a side salad at DQ with minimal dressing, a grilled chicken wrap and ice water.  I did indulge in a small dip cone, though, which amounted to more WW points than everything else put together (of course).  At LJS, I tried to make use of their Freshmates Grill, but even so… points-heavy meal there.  All told I ended up eating 41 points worth of food on a 28-32 point diet.

That’s not the end of the world, but it’s obviously a lot more points than I wanted to spend on food that wasn’t exactly uber-healthy.  I had quinoa, spinach, red bell pepper, etc. here waiting for me, and I was out dining on that nonsense instead.  And wow… if eating two meals out amounted to 41 points (my breakfast, by the way, was a 2-point banana), holy moly…what was I taking in before?  I mean, I was being CONSERVATIVE.  I ate barely enough to satisfy myself, and in fact came home still feeling hungry, and yet I blew my points total completely out of the water.

This is when I’m reminded why I get to the point of ‘screw this’ and then derail from Weight Watchers.  I miss mid-December, when I found that a salad was plenty to keep me feeling full.  These days the same amount of food I ate then isn’t satisfying me anymore.  It could be the exercise, I guess, but in truth I exercised a lot more last week and the week before; I was going at least 120 minutes per day then, and walking faster besides.  I dialed myself back from 2.5 mph to 2.0 mph this week because I was upping the incline from 4% to 5%.

I’m still resolutely being good, but I wish I could go back to when I felt better doing it.   I guess it doesn’t much matter, though; as long as I’m fulfilling my obligation to myself by walking as promised, I haven’t much to scold myself about.  I’m still faithfully following my ADF, I’m exercising daily, and at least I WAS conservative today.  If I had not been, the resulting daily point total would have been a lot worse.

And yes, I guess, I’m food journalling after all.  I’m just doing it sort of lazily, after the fact at the end of the day.   It’s therefore not as effective as it would be if I were doing it everytime I eat, which is sort of the bottom line, but all the same.

Superbowl tomorrow, which means a fast-and-dirty cleaning effort in the morning.  Great.


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