Exercise+, Day 18: Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day…

February 5, 2009 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

I used to be a huge Monkees fan.  Back in 1986, when they resurfaced for their big reunion tour, I was one of those pre-teens who hopped on the bandwagon and decided to moon after men who were old enough to be my father.  Somehow at the time this didn’t strike me as nearly so lame as it appears now in hindsight, but I guess in the broad scheme of things it was a safe enough crush.  My friends and I were effectively crushing on the 20-something versions of these guys, so the targets of our affections effectively no longer existed.

At any rate, after yesterday’s school-related drama, a Monkee’s song has been running through my head (hence today’s title).  Of course, until I wrote this, it didn’t hit me that the song doesn’t necessarily say that Tomorrow will be a BETTER day.  Only that it will be ANOTHER day.  Hmm.

Well, today WAS better, in any case.  I won’t devote a whole entry to it here like I did yesterday, because this really isn’t the place for it.  But just for the sake of closure:  Zack actually got up early and came downstairs to start on school by 7:30 am.  By 10:30 he had caught up on all of the back assignments that were overdue, and by about noon or so he was down to just today’s Comm Arts and Math assignments.  It took him from noon until after 3:00 pm to do just those two assignments, but at that point he had completed something like 10 or 12 lessons at least, so we’ll forgive him.  He has asked Andy to get him up first thing tomorrow too, so he can be done with school by noon and spend the afternoon outside.

Boo yah.

I have made some fun food discoveries lately.  Some of these are thanks to Eat This Not That, and some are just things I’ve found on my own, following nudges from friends (like Michelle).  Topping the list is LaTortilla Factory’s tortillas, which manage to not only taste surprisingly decent, but also come in at a staggering 0 points.  I have found that on Down Days, one of these magnificent tortillas spread with some of EatSmart’s Tres Bean Dip (with Jalapeno and Lime) makes a pretty awesome, 80-90 calorie meal.  Not too shabby!

Beans in general have never been my favorite things.  I do like edamame very much, but they lack that sort of smooshy-gritty texture that usually characterizes beans.  It’s that texture that I find sort of objectionable.  My Green Giant Digestive Health blend is clever enough to mix edamame with black beans, which guarantees I’ll at least eat some.   On Down Days, it’s pretty hard to turn up my nose at anything, so I am apparently cultivating a tolerance for bean texture.

Hence my newfound appreciation for bean dips.  I used to turn up my nose at refried beans, but I am now finding them palatable if not downright yummy.  By the same token, bean dips now join salsa among the ‘surprisingly good stuff to dip chips into that is actually semi-good-for-you’.  Why it is that I hate tomatoes so much, but like Salsa, I do not know.  But there it is.

Snyders of Hanover now makes a Multigrain line of snack foods that is… hit and miss.   I’ve found I love their multigrain corn/tortilla chips and their Sunflower chips, but the puffed cheese things are pretty bland. Eat This Not That does praise them for their use of whole grains and such, so they’re living up to their own hype.  The flavor just isn’t that great, sadly.

Blah blah blah.  OKay, 120 minutes done.  Off to bed with me!


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  • 1. melalvai  |  February 6, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    That may be how I developed a fondness for salsa, which was not a food I could stand to eat when I was young. As my mom said ad nauseum, hunger is the best sauce. Watch Survivor Man some time…ew….

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