Sleep, Day 1: Still Getting Yelled At.

February 9, 2009 at 1:50 pm 3 comments

So I lost ~ 2.6 pounds last week.  That’s still utterly amazing to me.   I really meant it last night when I said I’d be fine with just staying the same and not gaining anything, so this feels like an unxpected bonus.

And of course, even though the loss this week didn’t tip over the 3-pound mark, I’m still getting gripes from my Weight Watchers Online account.  “While it’s normal to lose an excess of 2 pounds per week in the first few weeks of your weight loss plan, a normal rate of weight loss is between 1 and 2 pounds per week.  Anything greater than this can result in muscle loss, heart complications and other health issues.  You will want to moderate your eating habits to reduce your loss to between 1 and 2 pounds per week.”   It’s getting so that if I’m NOT scolded, I feel like I’ve failed.

But I don’t mean to be dismissive of this warning, either.   I have every ouce of faith that Weight Watchers (and, for that matter, every single other weight loss advice-giver in the world, which says pretty much the same thing) knows more about weight loss as a whole than I do.   And Mom made a comment yesterday that gave me pause; a woman at our church lost a lot of weight a few years back, and she looked fabulous.  Now she has gained it all back and more.    The truth is, she’s a pretty woman regardless, and she tends to develop her pudge around her hips and rear, so I honestly hadn’t noticed that she’d gained that much back.   She still looks pretty to me.

But I am not so foolish as to assume that losing weight quickly can’t come back and bite me in the rear later just because I’m doing this newfangled ADF thing.  It would be nice, but there are reasons why every commercial for Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrasystem, LA Weight Loss, etc. brags not only about ‘taking it off’ but also ‘keeping it off’.  Keeping it off is every bit as much of a challenge as taking it off.   I think a big step forward for me this time around has been realizing and acknowledging that one simple fact.

The thing is, though… this past week I really didn’t hold back.  I DELIBERATELY didn’t hold back.   I ate good stuff, but I ate bad stuff too.  I think yesterday I ate at least two white-chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, and at least a serving of those huge curly Chee-tos.  And that was on top of birthday-cookie-and-ice cream at the party.  On Saturday I sampled a generous amount of that pecan butter I made, which was by NO MEANS low-cal.  High protein, maybe, but high calorie too.   And the whole week was like that, too, and yet I still lost 2.6 pounds!

And I feel good.  I’m walking, I can go up stairs carrying Lucas without getting winded.  I find myself looking contemplatively at the bicycle that has been hanging in the garage for three years, untouched, and thinking this summer might just be the time when I give that puppy a workout again.  I still have my rollerblades from back when Andy and I first started dating, too.   I miss skating; I used to LOVE it.   I just have to think that if I were killing myself with this diet, I wouldn’t feel up to thinking about that sort of thing… but maybe mind over matter is more powerful than I think.

When I walked into the gym this past Saturday for Zack’s basketball game, Andy said he could ‘really tell a difference’.  Of course, I’ve found myself indulging in a little bit of vanity now that I’ve rediscovered that I really did have a waist hidden away inside me all this time.  I’m fortunate enough to be decently endowed, so I can pull off some of the same visual sleight-of-hand that the woman at my church does; by accentuating my chest and waist, I can make myself look thinner than I actually am.  Just draw attention away from the generous posterior.  SO… I took a chance on Saturday and wore a top that fits more snugly than most of the clothes I wear.  This made me a little self-conscious, but it did make my chest look bigger and my waist look trimmer, and Andy noticed.  Now, if I could just work off my butt, I’d be good.

I am starting to revisit my fears about loose skin.  For the most part my weight loss seems to have taken an extremities-inward path, so my hands, feet, wrists, ankles, forearms and calves/shins are showing the most dramatic weight loss, as well as around my face.  My upper arms, thighs and chin are now starting to shrink, and I’m noticing some looseness.  It’s not dramatic enough to be alarming yet, but I can understand why people would opt for surgery.   My stomach in particular is really horrible, all loose skin and faded stretch marks.  I think I would mind the stretch marks less if it wasn’t for the paunch that hangs over my C-section scar.   It just looks SO flabby and gross, and I don’t know that there’s anything I can do for it besides …have surgery?  Meh.

By the way, on a completely unrelated note, am I the only one who finds the patronizing smiles of my family-Miis during Wii Fit’s Step program annoying?  I mean, I’m pretty consistently ‘perfect’ on my timing now with that thing, and seeing the entire cast of Miis that represent my friends and family all turn and smile encouragingly at me just because my foot landed on the Wii Fit at the right time actually comes off rather insulting.  Don’t look at me.  Worry about yourselves!  I can handle it without your condescending, smiling encouragement, thank you. 😉

Apparently I don’t have enough to worry about in my life now. 😉  I have energy to expend on resenting the treatment I receive from nonexistent, computer-generated characters.

Last thing before I go:  Zack got up at 6:30 this morning again and tackled his schoolwork.  He has at this point checked off all but one science lesson and three math lessons.  Now I just need to get going on Noah!

Tonight I shoot to be in bed by 11:30.  I’ll report back tomorrow to let you know how I did.


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Weight Check! Sleep, Day 2: Three Cheers for Walking!


  • 1. melalvai  |  February 9, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Funny how kids have these fits of responsibility. Nell’s been making supper for us, and/or some kind of pastry, nearly once a week. She’s gotten herself up and ready for school with ZERO prompting from us all year–because we failed to waken her in time a few times, and she no longer feels she can count on us!

    Keeping it off…that’s why I’m losing weight right now. Not because I really need to, but because it was creeping back up, and if you let it creep up, where do you draw the line? I really hope that incorporating Candy Day into my life, and maybe a little more exercise, will be enough of a lifestyle change to keep it off in the future, no more creeping up and having to diet to get it back down.

    I was just reading (yet another) article that said exercise was the most important factor to maintaining a healthy weight after weight loss. (I’ve been reading the MoBikeFed archives, just for fun.)

    How many C-sections? I’m sure your tummy will look weird the rest of your life. When it bothers you, get out pictures of your 4 kids. 😀 I’ve got the pregnancy stretch marks and a hysterectomy scar, and a flap of skin as a result, myself. I was excited about the scar and thought it would be fun to wear a bikini to show off the scar. I’m not so keen on showing off the flap.

    I never noticed the Wii family encouraging me. I was always concentrating so hard on getting the steps right! I haven’t Wiied in a wiile.

  • 2. Michelle  |  February 9, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Loose skin is better than skin full of fat. I’d take the loose skin any day. When I got to my lowest weight, it wasn’t enough loose skin to really bother me (I don’t have any pregnancy scars, though). As I’ve gained 10 pounds back, I’m flabby in a loose way again. What I picture as loose skin is really those 10 pounds again. It’s just not in the same place as it was when I first gained it. So, I think you’ll be able to get rid of most of it outside of tummy scars. The Biggest Loser is proof of that. They lose most of the skin.

  • 3. Jennifer  |  February 9, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Yeah, I think the scars are pretty much a lost cause. I mean, that’s okay with me; I never had fond aspirations of parading around in a bikini anyway, and if Andy objects to them that’s just his tough luck. 😉 Fortunately, he doesn’t mind them. And I mind them a lot less than I mind the loose skin.

    The Wii Family thing is in the Basic Step. Usually you start out with the view facing the audience with two family members on either side of you. When you make a ‘Perfect’ step, everyone on either side of you turns and smiles at you. I’m sure the intent is to be encouraging “Rah! Rah! You did it!” but once you’ve already done it enough that this shouldn’t be a surprise, the smiles almost look supercilious. 😉

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