Sleep, Day 3: Calculated Decisions

February 11, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Well, I’m in the thick of cleaning now, although I am frustrated to report that not having Zack or Noah here these three days has not turned out to be the ‘break’ it was touted to be.   Without their older brothers to entertain them, the younger two are now completely reliant on me to keep them busy and out of trouble, and as a result I’m having an even harder time cleaning than I would be otherwise.  As of this writing, I have finished with Noah’s room and I am about 3/4ths of the way through Zack’s, with the entire rest of the house left to go.

Thus, I am having to make some calculated decisions today.  It is 8:00 pm as I write this, and I’m about to get the little squirts into PJs and bed, if I can manage it.  That will likely take until at least 8:30, and I’ll have to decide from there how to spend the rest of the evening.   I could obviously spend it cleaning (and actually have a shot at getting a good amount done, perhaps) or I could spend it walking, since I haven’t done that today.

I have decided, in the interests of my sanity, to skip walking.  This will make today the first day I haven’t walked in about two months, and I’m not exactly happy about that… but it seems to be the prudent choice nonetheless.  Today was a Down Day, so I don’t have a ton of calories to work off anyway, and walking isn’t my goal this time around: getting to bed on time is.  So in the interests of getting everything done and staying true to my goal, I will not walk tonight.

I will, however, walk in the morning.  That is my resolution.  Tomorrow night, Andy is to take Noah to a Boy Scout event, and then we’re going out.  I have no idea how that’s going to work, but either way I’m likely to be too busy tomorrow night to walk then.  Walking in the morning, therefore, sort of splits the difference.

In the meantime, to PJs, bedtime stories, songs and prayers, and then back to Zack’s room and my latest Agatha Christie novel on CD. 🙂


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