Sleep, Day 5: Disrupted Schedules

February 13, 2009 at 10:11 pm

It’s a darned good thing that I didn’t choose to walk 2 hours as my goal for THIS week, let me tell you.  Because once again, I’ve had to forego it.  Andy’s parents were due in at 3:00 today, which meant I had this morning and early afternoon to apply to getting the ground floor up to snuff and finishing Susanna’s room before they arrived.

My plan was to spend the morning on the ground floor and then devote three full hours to Susanna’s room.  That was the plan.  But as tends to be my unfortunate habit, I chose to roll up my sleeves and go at my house with Spring Cleaning fervor, so I ended up spending until nearly 2:00 on the ground floor even though it wasn’t even that bad to start with.  Much of this time was spent on the floors, granted, but still.

But anyway, they arrived at 3:00 sharp, as they always do, and the cleaning and the need to be a decent hostess prevented me from walking again.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to walk first thing so I don’t have to worry I’ve completely broken my stride.

No pun intended.

Of course, it’s not as if I sat around all day either.  My ground floor consists of a foyer, a half bath, a breakfast room, the kitchen, the dining room, the living (front) room and the family (hearth) room.  Of these, the only carpeted room is the Family Room, and I went at all of our hardwood and vinyl flooring with a vengeance today.  I swept, then vacuumed, then Swiffer-Wetjetted, THEN shine-mopped every surface available to me.  Mainly all of this was for the purpose of the shine-mopping, because I didn’t want to end up smearing dirt into the shine.  But when you think about that, that’s a LOT of work.  I don’t know if it amounts to the same amount of exercise as walking does, but I did do it for at least four or five hours, so surely that counts for SOMETHING. 😉

Andy’s parents invited us out to Pizza Street tonight, which was really sweet of them.  In all the confusion with the Overnight trip and stuff, we never really sat down to talk about exactly what we’d serve this weekend.  I was so focused on the house that it didn’t even cross my mind until they’d arrived.  Andy had given it SOME thought, since he stopped at Shop-n-Save on the way home, but it was still rather hastily thrown-together.   I guess we’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes.  Leaving that sort of thing up to Andy is never really a good idea; he is one of those people who will remember vaguely seeing a container that looked like sour cream in the fridge, and thereby decide we have sour cream and not buy any.  Even if I’m with him and INSIST that he’s wrong, he’ll still argue with me and refuse.  Then we’ll get home and find that the container he was thinking of actually contains leftovers, or contains Sour Cream that has converted itself into a mold colony, or wasn’t even a sour cream container at all.   Thus, we find ourselves lacking important ingredients.

But regardless, today was a Down Day, which made Pizza Street an interesting adventure for me.  I had eaten about 3 points’ worth of food at that point, so I beelined for the salad bar and got myself a healthy plate full of rabbit food, foregoing the commercially prepared dressings and using the vinegar-and-oil cruets instead.  I deliberately went very easy on the oil and very heavy on the vinegar, but I sort of find I like the tartness of vinegar anyway.  In the end I think I did fine.

I meant to come down and walk after we got back, but it just didn’t seem like a good time to do it.   Andy has sort of a tendency to revert back to Baby Of The Family mode when his parents are here, so he sort of goes catatonic and looks to his parents to direct everything he does.  As a result, everyone settled in the living room to stare at the TV, and I ended up getting the two littlest ones up to bed.  (Normally, since I spend all day with all the kids, bedtime is Andy’s job.)

This is actually the only thing I really hate about visits with Andy’s family.  They’re all very nice, and seem to approve of me, our kids, etc., so there’s none of the usual brou-ha-ha some people experience with their in-laws.  However, ANDY becomes a serious source of annoyance when his parents are here.  Suddenly it becomes a situation of ‘Us vs. You’, where ‘us’ is comprised of Andy’s parents and him, and ‘you’ is me and the kids.  Suddenly we’re outsiders in our own home, and held to unspoken rules and standards that no one has taken the time to explain.  Fortunately, it’s not as if I was brought up with standards and rules very different from those in Andy’s family, so I mostly skate by okay… But it’s very irritating, but Andy doesn’t even recognize that he does it.

This time I begged him, “Please, for the love of God, can we dispense with spending the ENTIRE WEEKEND watching TV?  Can we go DO SOMETHING?  Can we PLAY GAMES?”  You know, because it’s not that Andy’s parents aren’t capable of being a lot of fun; they ARE.  They just tend to settle into Guest Mode as Andy is settling into Baby of the Family Mode, and that basically means that if we’re going to do anything, *I* have to suggest it.  And given that I’m the ‘You’ in the Us vs You scenario, that basically means we DON’T do anything.   They watch sports, the kids wander off to their Nintendo DSes and I boredly head for the computer.  Nice quality family time, there.

Andy did promise to strive for better, but tonight didn’t exactly inspire much confidence on that score.  At any rate, I SHOULD have just excused myself to go down and walk when I sensed things were veering that way, but I had hope that Andy would step up.  Clearly, he didn’t.  So I didn’t walk, and here we are.

HOWEVER.. in the sleep department, I am being VERY good.  Last night we went out for our Valentine’s Day Dinner at La Carreta, and this horrible hormone-induced migraine started in while we were there.  I get them once every couple of months, and I’ve learned at this point that the only thing to do when they come on is GO TO BED.  I took a couple of acetominophen and begged off of cleaning last night so I could not be in agony, and as a result I was asleep by 9:30.   As Andy’s parents are getting up there in years, we’ve been upstairs here since 10:00.  So, I expect to be ready to sleep at 10:30, thereby making my goal with a cool hour to spare. 😉  Go me!

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