Sleep, Day 6: This just in: JEN DOES NOT LIKE MUFFINS!

February 14, 2009 at 9:21 am 1 comment

I am pleased to announce that I am walking as I type this.  I made good on my threat to come down and walk this morning as quickly as could be managed, a feat that was made all the easier because Andy made muffins for breakfast.  Bleh!   And of course, in his usual fit of Complete Insensitivity To What Jen Likes, Andy made Chocolate Chip muffins.  I mean, seriously…. if there is one way to make a muffin even LESS appealing to me, it’s to throw chocolate into it.  YUCK.

So, I had about half a bowl of Kashi, a grapefruit and my vitamins, and I headed down here so I don’t have to smell them.   I wouldn’t actually mind so much, except that Andy always, every single time, insists, “But I thought you LIKED them!” when I grimace at the sight of him and his stupid chocolate chip muffins.  I mean, the first time, sure…I can understand just forgetting.  But EVERY SINGLE TIME?

He did this same thing with root beer.  We would go to Six Flags and get those big refillable cups, since we have season passes and can make good use of them.  Two or three visits in a row he’d chivalrously volunteer to run into a drink-refilling establishment and get us a refill, and then return with 32-ounces of Root Beer nastiness, presenting it proudly to me.  I mean, in the broad spectrum of soft drinks, of which I’m not a particular fan to begin with, root beer lands approximately at the ABSOLUTE “DO NOT LIKE” end.  I mean, I know I love Sassafras TREES and all, but that doesn’t mean that everything made from them is automatically preferred.   I have made this very clear: I don’t think there is even ONE dark carbonated beverage I actually like!  Yet every time I reacted, Andy acted exasperated and said, “But I thought you LIKED Root Beer?”

So it isn’t even so much that he does this; I mean, as long as we’re just acknowleding up front that he’s making them because HE likes them and couldn’t possibly care less whether these culinary adventures appeal to me in the slightest, I’m much less annoyed.  But to present me with things I not only do not like, but also for which I have never, in my life, expressed anything but utter distaste, and then insist that under some vague circumstances I indicated in some way that they were my very favoritest thing?  That’s just being a jerk.   I mean, even if he somehow had that idea, he’s being a jerk… because I am very open with the things I DO like, and he has managed to ignore THOSE.  I am not exactly a closed book.

I forgive him, of course..  In the present case, it’s not as if I had my mouth all set for muffins anyway.   Even if he’d served up Apple Cinnamon or Blueberry, I wouldn’t exactly be cheering.  I consider Muffins to be sort of a waste, really.  They’re not as tasty as cookies, not usually much better than cookies nutrition-wise, and I have to eat about sixteen of the stupid things to feel full.  To add insult to injury, Andy made MINI-Muffins, which means all bets are officially off in terms of serving sizes too; you can’t even say, “I’ll just have one” because that REALLY won’t feel like you’re eating anything.

So… Kashi and Grapefruit it is, and I am satisfied.  For lunch Andy has planned cold-cuts and potato salad, plus a dearth of chips and whatnot.  Fortunately, I am armed with Triscuits, so I should be fine.  I have NO CLUE what we’ll be doing for dinner, though.  The optimistic side of me hopes we’ll go out, but I have a feeling that won’t be happening.  Andy has likely made some far-flung assumption that involves me preparing a ten-course meal, and he won’t say anything until it’s 4:00 and I’m asking what the plan is.  He’ll look at me stupidly and say, “Weren’t you going to make something?”  right in front of his parents, making sure everyone knows that the lack of dinner is my fault, not his.

I really do love my husband, by the way.  Andy really is a good guy, generally.  I’m just annoyed with him today.  At least venting here means I know to get something in my head for dinner so I can head him off at THAT pass.

And tonight I expect we can enjoy another 10:00 pm bedtime. 😉  Whee!


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  • 1. melalvai  |  February 14, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Next time send him over here to make those chocolate chip muffins. I will eat all your share. 🙂

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