Sleep, Day 7: Nom nom nom!

February 15, 2009 at 7:01 pm

This weekend has not been a good one, foodwise.   I know I pretty much say that every week this week, but I seem to find myself falling back into old habits, and doing it with greater abandon each weekend that goes by.   This weekend, given all the company we’ve had, has been particularly bad.  Again.

I need to put an overall kebosh on Chex Mix.  I love it, but I absolutely cannot control myself when it’s near me.  Andy bought two smaller bags of off-brand cheddar-flavored Chex Mix and a large back of ‘regular’ Chex Mix to serve as snacks for his parents and during yesterday’s lunch when Greg’s family came over.   I was eating the cheddar stuff so ferociously that I actually found myself reverting back to thinking, “I wonder if they’re noticing how much of this crap I’m eating?”  and then falling into old nervous habits on that score again.   I finally did just get up and move the stupid bowl away from myself, but not before I had consumed a very shameful amount of what it contained.


To make matters worse, the point of the weekend was Andy’s birthday, and the kids on the overnight (and teachers too) brought him all kinds of cakes and other sweets to celebrate, and then Andy also brought home all of the excess food from the overnight as well.  It’s a perfectly natural thing for him to do, but a lot of it proved to be too tempting for me.  And I, idiot that I am, wanted to measure up to my sisters-in-law and the desserts they always provide when we’re visiting them for any sort of meal.  Given that, I made two Dream-whip ‘cheesecake’ pies on top of everything else.

And then today was the Sausage Supper too.  Oh, what a weekend for food!  I was ‘good’ at the Supper; I don’t actually have much love lost on the sausage they serve anyway, so I just ate one piece.  I did indulge in a slice of pecan pie, though.  😉

I am actually not too worried about my weigh-in tomorrow, in spite of all this.  I have certain hormonal factors working for me, so I figure I’ll probably lose some weight in spite of all of this.  I just had sort of hoped it would be another 5-pound loss week so I could really get close to that second 10% goal.  I guess we’ll see. 🙂

Oh, and once again, getting to bed on time has not been an issue.  Andy’s parents regularly turn in around 9:00 at home, so I’ve been ready to sleep by 10:00 at the latest the last two nights.  This has had the sort of fortunate consequence of finding me up and ready to go by 6:00 am, but today that worked for me.  I was able to get in an hour of walking before church.  This was in addition to being on my feet for however long when I worked my shift at the Sausage Supper, so I figure I’m at least getting some of my exercise even if it’s not what I was getting before.

I definitely want to get back to my 120+ minutes/day regimen, though.  I liked how that felt.


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