Lent, Day 3: It’s in the Jeans…

February 27, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Well, this is interesting.  I’ve not owned these size 18 jeans for more than a few days now, and already I’m starting to find myself tugging them upward all the time.

Granted, this only occurs after I’ve worn them for a little while; straight out of the dryer they fit fine.  Moreover, I have discovered that when I wear jeans that actually FIT me, I’m not so much ‘average’ as I am ‘short’ or ‘petite’. (Although how I can ever reconcile a ‘Size 18 Petite’ in the logical quarters of my brain, I don’t know.)  So some of this is bound to be the rest of tromping endlessly on the cuffs, which bunch around my feet.

But still… I’m tempted to go get a pair or two of Size 16 jeans.  Maybe I’ll need them sooner than later, at this rate.

Mom did stop by tonight and bring over a bunch of pairs of pants that are now too big for her.  They’re not quite big enough for me yet; most of them are around a size 14, and that’s just too ambitious at this point.  But it should perhaps be noted that I was able to get them ON.  They just left me looking like a sausage.

Speaking of, I am still successful in my efforts to avoid meat for Lent.  Go me.


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