Lent, Day 4: Forever in Blue Jeans

February 28, 2009 at 7:16 pm

I did it.  After spending most of the day irritably hitching up the OTHER pair of size 18 jeans I bought, I finally got fed up and went out and got a new pair of size 16s.  I was smart and got ‘Short’ this time.

I’ve tried them on. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that they fit me up through my legs just fine; there always seems to be a sense of impending doom when I pull on a new pair of jeans up to my thighs, because in the past there were no guarantees I’d be able to get them on any further.  This time they slid on easily enough; I just couldn’t completely fasten them in front.

So not yet, maybe, but I’m getting close.

So far avoiding meat hasn’t been much of an issue, but I’m eating a lot of quinoa and nut butters to try and keep my protein up anyway.  The only real downside so far has been dinnertime, which is when we usually have the one big meat dish of the day.    On Down Days, I don’t find I mind all that much, since I’m apparently in Deprivvation Mode already.   On days like today, when I’m allowed to eat, I do notice.   It’s a good time to make those meals that Andy likes and I don’t, since now he’s doing ADF with me and those meals cannot be relegated to MWF evenings anymore, but it’s still kind of tough.

But again, I’m glad it’s a challenge.  That’s supposed to be the point, after all.


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