Lent, Day 8: Downday Dilemmas

March 4, 2009 at 4:08 pm

It’s not so much a warm day today, though the forecaasters promise it’s coming over the next few days.  I’m glad, too; I’m SO SICK OF WINTER.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough out to get back on rollerblades or show my bike that it really IS good for something other than hanging from the garage ceiling and supporting the local dust population.

But alas, not yet.  The temps are up, but it’s threatening rain and there’s a lot of wind.  Hopefully tomorrow.

I’m facing another ADF dilemma this weekend.  I got a call today from Wendy, who plans to be in town on Friday; she and her two youngest boys (the ones closest to Zack and Noah in age) are going to spend the night with us, so we’ll have sort of a sleepover on Friday night.  The plan is to order pizza and have a fun night in, maybe even invite over another of our MoVIP Mom friends and her son.  It should be fun, but since Friday is a Down Day, I’ll have to figure out how I want to handle that.

The problem is that SATURDAY is the boys’ last day of Basketball.  Zion’s camp is holding a sort of ‘ice cream social’ for the kids, and I’d kind of like to participate if I can.  I think I can stand up to watching others eat pizza without missing it much, especially since I can’t really eat meat anyway, but it’ll be harder to watch everyone around me eating ice cream without partaking.

I think I’ll just go ahead and keep my Downday as scheduled, and just eat a salad while everyone else is eating the pizza.  Then I can have a full breakfast the next morning and eat ice cream at the awards ceremony too.  All good.

Still holding strong with my vegetarian Lent resolution.  Quinoa isn’t going to cut it for long, though, so I may have to start eating an egg a day or something.  I should really look into protein more and figure out whether I’m getting enough.  Walking is still going well too.


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