Lent, Day 9: It’s a Beautiful Day

March 5, 2009 at 11:04 pm

Today was gorgeous.   The high was 68, and I made good use of it. 🙂

I took the kids first thing this morning and we walked down to the subdivision lakes.   We took some stale bread and fed the ducks, which the kids loved.  It was a nice outing, but it served to underscore exactly why ‘walking with the kids’ will never work for me as an isolated exercise regimen. 😉    Too much stop-and-wait, stop-and-tie-shoes, stop-and-pick-up-dropped-jacket.

But Susanna was kind of an inspiration, I have to say.   The route from our house to the lake involves going down a long hill, up another one, then down again.  I worried how the older boys would handle the upslopes on their bikes, which they insisted on riding, much less how Susie would handle walking the distance.

Once we got out the door, though, Susanna took one look at her older brothers shooting off down the hill on their bikes and turned to me.  She asked, “Can I run?”   I was really startled by the question, but I told her to go right ahead.  I mean, she’s four…how fast can she go?  She’ll dash for a minute and be too tired to keep going.

Susanna took off down the hill in her just-past-a-toddler lope and kept right on going.  She ran down the hill, up the facing slope, and never stopped.  She wasn’t especially fast, and I was able to keep her within calling-back range without any trouble, but her sheer determination to keep running just because her brothers were ahead of her was impressive.   She got to the top of the hill, waited for me, then asked if she could keep running.  Wow.

It was cute.  And it made me wish I could run like that..  Just run because running is fun and because brothers need to be chased and kept-up-with.

I’m getting there.  Walking has become something I actually enjoy now, something I even look forward to doing.   I haven’t reached the point where I’m ready to do it without some kind of distraction, but I do find myself getting to the dinner hour and actually feeling good about going downstairs to walk.

I’m now up to 7.0% incline and 2.5 mph.  I’m averaging about 2 hours per day, in addition to anything else (like the walk today), so I’m still doing pretty good.

I really need to figure out something to do for my arms, though.

Oh, and I’m being good so far on the Lenten Vegetarian front.  Andy grilled pork tonight, which was hard to pass by, but I had him grill up some vegetables for me and those were good.


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