Lent, Day 13: Outdoor Walkin’

March 9, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Andy was called for Jury Duty today, which meant he had to arrange for a sub and then head to the courthouse first thing this morning to report in.   Apparently once he got there, they had the jury candidates lined up in the appropriate room and waiting, and then the judge came in to announce that the one of the lawyers was ill and would not be able to appear.  Therefore, the trial was called off and the jury candidates were free to go.

So..what started out as a potentially annoying day turned into a day off.  The weather was warm, so when he got home I begged permission to go out and take a walk with Phoenix.  You know, outside.  On the actual road and stuff.

There have been a number of unhappy things going on in my life lately, and I’m still not going to burden y’all with them here.  But suffice it to say that the stress-killing aspects of exercise are giving walking a value for me that goes above and beyond the weight-loss and fitness benefits that it produces.  This is actually the second such walk I’ve put Phoenix through lately, and while I think she’s a little confused by my sudden need to drag her all over the subdivision, so far *I* am finding it to be kind of nice.

N0t a lets-do-it-every-day thing, yet.  Obviously the issue with actual going-places walking is that I don’t have the computer in front of me to distract me from the tedium.  I mean, sure, the scenery changes as you go, but in a suburban subdivision like mine, where every house looks identical to the house four doors down and no one is really out to say hello or anything, scenery only affords a person so much entertainment before it gets just plain boring.  I took my cell phone and talked on it the whole time, which certainly helped.

It was good to get out.  A little windy, but not exactly cold and not at all unpleasant.  I took Phoenix down to our subdivision lake and walked a few laps around it to admire the resident duck population.   Then I struck back toward home, walking the perimeter of every cul-de-sac on the way.  After awhile it became a way to avoid going home, but I eventually did wander back and I think all told I’d walked for a good two hours.

It was good.  Different from the treadmill, since I was dealing with lots of hills and different terrain and wind and all.  I don’t know how much effect this has at walking speed (not much, I’m betting), but it still felt like ‘meatier’ exercise, which was good.

Speaking of meat, I’m still being good.  This was a Down Day, so the point was kind of moot, but I did have an egg for breakfast.  I had grapefruit for lunch and quinoa for dinner, so …what, about 6 points total?  Not too bad.  I was surprisingly hungry tonight, though, so I’ll be glad to get back to an Up Day tomorrow.


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