Lent, Day 15: Cold again!

March 11, 2009 at 6:57 pm 1 comment

Bleh.  A cold front passed through yesterday, and I’m back to walking in a frigid basement.  Either as a sign of protest or just out of brute stupidity, I refused to wear full-length jeans today anyway; I put on a pair of denim capris instead.  Indoors and upstairs, it wasn’t an issue, but down HERE in the basement, I’m freezing.   Granted, in a few minutes I’ll feel fine, but in the meantime I’m really cold.

Would you believe I’m starting to forget which day it is?  Some of this is tied into emotional stuff, which is keeping my stomach tied conveniently into knots.  I find myself so uninterested in eating that I actually have to stop and think to eat right now.  Down Days are actually kind of nice, because I don’t have to worry about it, but once again I worry that I’m going to end up doing something really rotten to my metabolism.

Walking at this point has good and bad points, though.  It definitely feels good to walk off what’s bugging me, but it also kind of represents too much time by myself even when I’m online while I do it.  I tend to sort of dwell on what’s bothering me and even sort of dispair about it.  This sort of thing tends to happen to me in the evenings, I’ve noticed, and is probably amplified by hormones besides, but it’s still not any fun.  I feel like my brain responds to the rhythmic footfalls by dropping into an insane thought-loop that it can’t break out of.  By the time I was done walking tonight, I was somehow convinced that the world was going to end and it would all be my fault.

Definitely an argument for something distracting during my walking sessions for awhile.   Pleasantly distracting.  I can’t deal with all of this very well if I’m freaking out, that’s clear.

I AM, however, getting enough to drink, and that’s a big thing.  And I am staying true to my Lenten obligations.  I am actually surprised to find that the latter is not so easy after all.  Evening really is the only time I notice that much, but I do notice.  There’s something sort of anticlimatic about preparing a meal for the family and then only eating the vegetable parts of it when I’m ready to sit down.  I guess it’s good for reminding me of what I’m doing and why, though.


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  • 1. melalvai  |  March 12, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Sometimes it seems a little pointless, when there are big emotional things going on. If it were for example a death in the family…losing weight, sticking to goals, keeping Lent, just wouldn’t seem very important.

    On the other hand sometimes routines can be comforting during these times. It sounds like walking is NOT in that category, but ADF is.

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