Lent, Day 19: No Doughnuts For Jen

March 15, 2009 at 9:34 pm

We went to church last night for Isaac’s baptism, so today we just had Sunday School/Bible Study to worry about.   This was nice, since it meant we could sleep in a little, and there was time to actually eat a real breakfast before we headed up to Zion.   Over the last week or so, I’ve made it a point to eat an egg for breakfast — one prepared Weight-Watchers style, which is actually okay with me.  I’ve never been one that needed eggs to be prepared with cheese or whatever in order to enjoy them.  ‘Course, this is probably just because I like salt too much, but anyway…

Point is, as comparatively ‘good’ as I’ve gotten, I’m still prey to situational conditioning with respect to food.  Normally a Sunday morning finds us scrambling to get the kids dressed, selves dressed, everyone out the door and into the car.  The kids are usually afforded some cereal or something to take the edge off, but Andy and I don’t tend to eat anything until we find ourselves in the basement for Fellowship Hour.   And in the true tradition of Fellowship Hours, the offerings there usually consist of a foundational diet of doughnuts garnished with the occasional coffee cake, muffin assortment or home-baked something or other, depending on which church organization is responsible for hosting.

Suffice it to say, my Sunday Morning diet is just not all that great.  I have, at this point, reached the point where I’m no longer interested in going back for seconds or anything, but do I quietly restrict myself to one doughnut?  Do I bypass the jelly/custard/frosting-filled options in favor of an only-slightly-less-bad-for-you muffin?  No.  (Well, okay, we all know how I feel about muffins anyway, right?)  But I don’t go crazy, at least.

Well, since I’d eaten an egg this morning before I came, I found myself wrestling with the doughnut question.  Ordinarily I guess I feel I can justify indulging just because by that point I’ve usually not had anything and I certainly need to eat SOMETHING (and besides, its an Up Day, right?), but this morning that wasn’t the case.  I was firm with myself: no doughnuts.  You had an egg, you don’t need doughnuts.

But again, eating is psychological.  I don’t even find it’s so much seeing other people eating that gets me, because after five months of ADF now I’m so used to eating one thing or not eating at all while everyone else is eating something different that I just don’t even care anymore.  But the SITUATION called for eating doughnuts, and so they called to me… all…through…Bible Study.

I guess it didn’t help that the current Bible Study topic isn’t exactly riveting.  It left entirely too much time for my mind to wander and drift toward that Fellowship table with its tantalizing, glaze-stained boxes.  Bleh.

But I did it.  I made it through and came home and ate a salad.  And walked.  And was good for the rest of the day. 😉  I think, too, that I felt this was necessary to make it up to my poor body for subjecting it to the onion rings yesterday.   Fortunately I’m feeling much better now.


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