Lent, Day 21: Logistical Win

March 17, 2009 at 6:32 pm 1 comment

This is actually something I noticed a few days ago, but I wanted to mention it.

Sunday night my parents came over to play cards with us.  This was unusual, as Anna and Jason are their card-playing date on Sunday evenings, but Jason’s parents are in town and they needed someplace else to go for their Pinochle fix.   I enjoy it when we get a chance to do that, but I wish I were better at bidding.   It’s still a learning process for me everytime we do it.

I mention this mainly because I noticed something nice when we were setting up to play.   But before I can explain about that, I should give some rather pointless and drawn-out background, as is my style:

My dining room, as it happens, is very narrow.  Some of this is because we just have a lot of furniture in there (one wall of that room is taken up by a drysink, a china hutch AND the piano), and some of it is just because it’s a smallish room to begin with.  Either way, whenever we’re seating adults in there it’s always a little complicated.  If anyone needs to get up or move around for any reason, everyone has to move with them.

This was a particular concern for me awhile back, for hopefully obvious reasons.  I used to debate over where would be best to sit in there, and tended to try and sit as close to the door as I could, since that way if *I* had to get up, I didn’t have to squeeze my pudgy body past anyone, and if someone else had to get up, I was sort of on the corner and less ‘in the way’.  Ultimately, it was all about avoiding being reminded of my morphology.

Ironically, we decided to play at the kitchen table last night rather than in the dining room for that very reason.  The kitchen is roomier, the table is smaller, there’s much more room to move around.  Therefore, it’s more comfortable for everyone.  However, at one point Dad got up and moved around me to go do…something, I forget what.. and for just a moment I felt the usual embarassment as I realized he might have trouble moving past me.

It’s such a small thing, you know? Pulling your chair in to belly up to a table to let someone pass.  But at the same time, it’s those small things that hits you out of nowhere.  You just don’t realize how much you ABSOLUTELY HATED being overweight until you feel that flood of relief when you realize that you’ve just pulled your chair closer to the table and left ROOM BEHIND YOU in the process.   It’s not just a formality, you aren’t going to have to chuckle sheepishly and get up to make room.  No.  You scooted your chair in, and that was enough.

Subtle reminder, again, that you’ve dropped back into the world of Normal People.  Where turning sideways actually does make passing through a narrow opening easier, where putting a napkin in your lap makes SENSE again, because if you drop something it actually stands a better chance of landing in your lap than on your shirt.   Small things, but yet somehow important, too.  Who puts a napkin on their stomach, no matter how big they are?

So yay for thinner-me logistics. 🙂


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  • 1. melalvai  |  March 19, 2009 at 7:31 am

    This one made me laugh. I haven’t experienced these things, but you make it sound so funny!

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