Lent, Day 23: Travellin’

March 20, 2009 at 12:28 pm 1 comment

Spring Break has officially begun here.  To celebrate, we’re going to tackle something we’ve not done since November: we’re planning a trip to my family’s Lake cabin near Sullivan, Missouri.  This will be the first real out of town trip we’ve made since Christmas, so it should be interesting.

The real puzzle for me is how I’ll handle walking.  This shouldn’t be an issue, really, since I’ll be in the middle of the wilderness.  I can just, you know, WALK.  Like, outside.  And actually go places, as I’m told some people do.

It’s dismaying to think about just how long it has been since I last hiked.     I think the last time I did any decent amount of wilderness hiking was before I got married.  My family and I have walked around Woodland Lakes some, but none of them especially want to strike out into the woods and get lost in the trees the way I tend to want to do; I don’t consider walking along the roads *hiking*.

Of course, I have friends who wouldn’t call merely walking off-the-beaten-path ‘hiking’ either, as they’re backpack-and-MREs people, but I have to start where I am, right?

So I’m looking forward to this, because it’ll be the first time we’ve been down there in ages that A) the weather has been decent enough to warrant hiking around, and B) I’ve actually been in fit enough condition to try.  I’ll want new hiking boots, since the only shoes I currently own that are comfortable enough are my walking shoes, and I don’t want to tear them up too much, but since we’re not really talking about serious HIKING hiking, I can just get a cheap pair at Target or something.

Should be fun.  I’ll be blogging offline while I’m gone, so I’ll post everything when I get back.


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1 Comment

  • 1. Amanda  |  March 24, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    backpack-and-MREs people

    haha. That’s me. 🙂 Although next time I go backpacking, I might not bring MREs. They were a little heavier than I expected.

    Enjoy your hiking! 🙂

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