Lent, Day 26: Coming Home

March 23, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I like leaving from trips on Down Days, or at least leaving the LAKE on Down Days.    Even though anymore I actually have to remind myself to eat on Up Days sometimes, it’s still never a bad thing to have a LOT TO DO on your Down Days to keep your mind off of the kitchen.   Any visit to the lake requires about a half-day’s worth of cleaning before you head out, so staying busy today was not an issue.

The only downside to today was that the boys really wanted to go out in the canoe again, and I very much wanted to take them.  Problem is, the winds today were ridiculous and I didn’t feel much like getting out there and finding I couldn’t paddle us back.   My LEGS are obviously much stronger now than they were, but my arms, not so much.  Still looking for a good way to deal with that.  After yesterday’s foray, my biceps and triceps were pretty sore.

This is one of those things that’s really good about the onset of Spring, though.  Considering the amount of weight I’ve lost to date is equivalent to the weight of my six-year-old, the idea of getting out and riding a bike or canoeing in earnest is a lot less intimidating than it was just four or five months ago.   If nothing else, I guess it’s just good to feel that I could TRY without looking ridiculous, which unfortunately carries even more weight with me, personally, than how it would physically make me feel.

I mentioned on Facebook awhile back that our subdivision has an absurd fenced court with a sign on its door that reads, “Absolutely NO Organized Sports Allowed on Court”  Like… what on earth?  What is the stupid thing FOR, then?  I mean, granted…it’s not equipped with anything much; no basketball hoops or anything.  Just a rectangular patch of blacktop surrounded by tall chain-link fence.  But what do you DO with a court if you’re not going to play some kind of sport on it?

Judging from what I’ve witnessed while down there, apparently it’s a glorified subdivision-only dog park.  The only person I have EVER seen in there is an elderly gentlemen who was out there one day with his two little Bichons.  Apparently it’s a safe place to take dogs off-lead?  Isn’t that what yards are for?

Anyway, I mention it only because I’m tempted to take the kids down there to skate/rollerblade.  Certainly no one who witnessed me and my brood out there could call us ‘organized’ in any sense of the word, so presumably this should pass the sign’s mandate just fine.   I just wish the court was a little bigger, but for the kids’ sake it’s probably better that it’s small.

Have I mentioned that I really LIKE having energy now?  It’s one of those changes that comes on so gradually you barely notice, but suddenly you can race up your house’s stairs to the second story and actually NOT stop at the top to catch your breath.  The first time I noticed this, I was coming upstairs from the treadmill, so I was already pretty tuckered out, but my legs felt almost *springy* as I bounded up the steps.

And I did bound.  You know.. nighttime basements and Dave Glovers ‘Butt Demons’ and all of that. 😉  No sense in taking chances.

Anyway, one again, though, I will be glad when this meat-fast is over.  Even though today was a Down Day and I wouldn’t have been eating anyway, it’s still tough to ignore how good cooking meat smells.


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