Lent, Day 27: Spa in Sight…

March 24, 2009 at 7:16 pm

You know, yesterday I meant to elaborate on this in the Weight Check post for this week, and realize I never did.

I’m with 10 pounds of my Spa Goal!

You might remember awhile back when some friends of mine got together and sprung for a Spa Day for me.   The debate back then was when to take it, since I’d lost just enough to feel like I was making some headway at the time, but not enough to feel confident I could face the spa without feeling mortified.  I decided at the time that I would hold onto it and use it as a weight loss goal for myself.  When I hit 180 pounds, I’d go.

As discussed at the time, 180 is sort of a big deal for me.   Not that other weight loss goals here haven’t represented similar ‘big deals’, but this one is even bigger.  When I get under 180, even by Wii Fit standards I will no longer qualify as ‘obese’.  I will still be ‘overweight’, granted, but …you know, I’ll take ‘overweight’, since most people I think of as ‘normal’ fall into THAT category.   But to be able to honestly say, “I am not obese.” is big.  Huge.

No pun intended.

I had also assumed that round about 180 would be when I’d cross from Plus Sizes (16-18 on up) back down into Normal Sizes (12-14 on down).  This, I’m finding, is by no means as clear-cut a boundary, as at this point the pants that fit me fall anywhere from 14 to 16, though most are 16s.  This is something I apparently did not understand about fashion until I went out shopping with Michelle and Lisa: clothing sizes are just a guide, not necessarily a rule.   What’s absurd is that I KNEW this, at least as it related to my KIDS’ clothes.  There’s a general understanding, for example, that Gymboree is true to size but doesn’t shrink, Carter’s tends to run big, but last for a long time, and Garanhimals shrinks so much after even one washing that you need to buy two sizes too big in order to get any decent wear out of them.   Somehow the same thing did not entirely occur to me with respect to my own clothing, but I guess I only barely cared, too.  My goal was to cover myself up; I didn’t have much hope of trying to look decent while doing it, so why bother?

Tomorrow I go visit Angie at her gym.  I’m just going to visit, but it’ll be good to see her and actually get a feel for Lady of America while I’m there.  It should be fun.


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