Lent, Day 29: Salad Bar Fail

March 26, 2009 at 10:46 pm

Noah’s birthday is tomorrow, so we decided to take him out to Chuck E. Cheese’s for dinner tonight.   We’d go tomorrow, but it’s a Down Day and this seems easier than switching the weekend around. (Besides, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be really yucky.)

Since I’m still doing the vegetarian thing because of Lent, I opted for the salad bar rather than forcing the family to make half of the pizza cheese-only.   Not much of a sacrifice, really, because as it happens Chuck E. Cheese’s has a pretty good salad bar.  A nice selection of vegetables and fruit, it always looks really fresh, and the assortment of crunchy bits they offer is really good.

But there is one area in which Chuck E. Cheese’s salad bar commits a Salad Bar Fail, and that is this:

When you order the Salad Bar at CEC, they give you a plate and a fork.  They HAVE knives on the premises, but you get them with the pizza.  There is no convenient way to get your hands on one without asking.

This is hardly a big deal at most salad bars, since everything ‘forkable’ is usually bite-sized to begin with.  The Fail comes in here with respect to CEC’s peppers and red salad onions.  They have them available as cross-section rings, not small pieces.  And in both cases (especially the onions) the ‘rings’ are huge.  There’s no way anyone is going to be able to get the whole thing into their mouth at once, even if that were desirable.  But unless you REALLY REALLY love onion as an isolated flavor, odds are you want to eat it in conjunction with other things.

So, again: big onion ring, no knife.  Oh, and the plate they give you is styrofoam, which makes it a less-than-ideal cutting surface when your only cutting implement is a plastic fork.  (Not that it’s stellar when you’re using a plastic knife either, come to think of it.)  Therefore, your alternative is, I guess, to stab the ring up with a huge forkful of salad and just bite at it in chunks, or use your fingers to tear the onion into pieces before you toss your salad.  And if your tastes run to peppers, you have the same problem.

Inconvenient.   Therefore: fail.  If you’re not going to supply knives, make sure your salad bar offerings are bite-sized.  Thank you. 😉

Otherwise, it was a good salad bar.  Enough that I went back three times.  My appetite is definitely back in force, so I need to start being careful.

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