Lent, Day 30: Shoppin’

March 27, 2009 at 6:43 am

I haven’t much to write about today, so I’m actually going to write about something I meant to write about a few days ago, and just forgot. ūüėČ ¬†

I have reached another milestone! ¬†After visiting Angie at the gym and resolving that I would find some way to get over there and get some work done on my arms and ‘core’, I decided it was high time I invest in some actual workout clothes. ¬† I do have a set I used back when we were going to Club Fitness for that brief period, but they’re way too big on me now.

So off to Target I went.  And there the wonderful thing happened.

I shopped for clothes in the NORMAL PEOPLE SIZES!

Granted, what I was looking for was XL, so I’m still firmly at the higher end of the NPSes, but still. ¬†It was such a foreign thing; normally shopping for clothes at Target involves browsing the maybe-two-or-three racks of ‘plus sizes’ they offer, and then feeling sheepish when you realize that one of those three is actually MATERNITY clothes. ¬†Target will never win awards for obesity sensitivity, let me tell you.

And admittedly, I started there. ¬†But as I found myself wandering through the racks back toward the FRONT of the store, I felt like I was entering forbidden territory. ¬† What if people SEE me? ¬†Won’t it look odd, ME shopping at THIS end of the Women’s Clothing Section? ¬†Will people who see me hope for my sake that I’m buying a gift for someone else?

But no.  These are my sizes now.  I have reclaimed my right to shop there.  For myself.  Awesome.

Today is Noah’s birthday, by the way. ¬†Happy Birthday, Noah!


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