Lent, Day 32: Sweating the Weigh-In

March 29, 2009 at 6:51 am

Yeah, yeah, I know… I always sweat the weigh-ins.  But this week I have actually not cheated  and hopped onto the scale at any point, so I really have no idea what to expect tomorrow.  It’s been a weird week, since as I mentioned yesterday I’m coming down off of a week where I’ve had a pretty healthy appetite following three or four weeks of having NO appetite.  If the no-appetite weeks hurt my metabolism at all, this week will probably be bad.

Which isn’t to say that’s necessarily a bad thing.  I am feeling better than I have in awhile, and if the price I pay for that is a no-loss week or even a gain of a pound or two, so be it.  I earned it, anyway.  Yesterday I went shopping and realized after I left that I’d forgotten to eat lunch… so I indulged in a large order of Onion Petals from Arby’s.   As really-bad-for-you fast food goes, onion rings are my unfortunate weakness, and I was still kind of mad over the ‘bad news’ I’d received.  The decision to turn into the Arby’s drive-thru was one of those, “Damn it, I don’t care.  I want them, I’m getting them.” things.

Of course, the Michelle Curse got me later. 😉 (I should really find a better name for that; it doesn’t seem fair to make Michelle responsible for it.)  But it was almost worth it, because darn it, they tasted good.   And part of me sort of likes that my body has developed higher standards now anyway.  The indigestion is a good sign.

So I don’t know what to expect tomorrow.  My Fridge Graph shows my weight loss at well below expected, and the ‘expected’ line is actually kind of extreme too, since it’s just showing the line I’d need to follow to be down to 140 by mid-July.  That’s just an arbitrary goal I put in there, and not guided by such noisome fetters as ‘health’ or ‘logic’.  I never expected to be coming in AHEAD of it, that’s for sure… So if this week represents a backtrack, I figure I’m more than due.

SO… not going to cheat today.  I’m just going to see how things go tomorrow and go from there.


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