Lent, Day 35: Shopping for Clothes Again

April 2, 2009 at 10:36 pm

Not quite the same thing as last time.  For one thing, I was shopping in a retail store, and for another, the clothing I was buying was …delicates?

In the interest of being tactful and upholding the family-friendly quality of my blog, I won’t go into too much detail here.   Suffice it to say that the time had come when it was definitely necessary.

I will say, though, that I bought myself some new underwire bras.  This was a bit of a gamble, because I was at a box store and couldn’t really try them on.  I also had kids with me, which makes fitting rooms a nightmare.   Effectively, I had to go back to the old way I used to do things, and just pick out some things that I hoped MIGHT fit and go from there.

So again with the TMI here.   Being decently-endowed does make me appear thinner than I might otherwise, at least at first glance.   My waist tends to look thinner if I wear something tightish, for example, than it might if my chest wasn’t the size it is.  This is a nice plus, but it’s a mixed blessing.   And in the present case, it’s almost a problem.

There’s a SlimQuick commercial on these days that features a line-drawn cartoon figure of a woman grousing about the frustrations she’s experiencing as she and her husband attempt to lose weight together.  She says her husband is ‘fat and happy’, but she is ‘fat, not so happy’.   They started ordering salads instead of fries.. and this is what happened to him (he shrinks to a thin build), and this is what happened to me (her breasts shrink).

“Now we’re both unhappy.”

When I was at my heaviest, I was wearing a size 42DD bra.  This does not mean that this was actually the size I should have been wearing, admittedly… it just happened to be the largest circumference and cup size that was available.  By and large they were reasonably comfortable, but I did find that anything that included an underwire was not acceptable.  I imagine I probably needed something even bigger than 42, and so the underwires didn’t hit my body where they should have.  Lots of poking, lots of discomfort.  Not so good.

So, I tended to either avoid underwires entirely, or else get underwires and just remove the wire part.   Effectively, this sacrificed support, but …you know..at the time I had far worse aestheic issues to worry about than whether or not my chest was ‘perky enough’ to fill out a sweater properly.   As with any other clothing item, my goal was pretty much to ‘get something that covered me up and didn’t embarrass me’, and that was that.

Well, I’m not a 42+ anymore.  I’m actually more along the lines of 38 now.  That’s a huge difference, but for obvious reasons that meant my collection of ‘support garments’ were ceasing to be of any support whatsoever.   So okay…38s are easy to come by, but … what about the cup size?

I’m not going to say that what happens to the cartoon SlimQuick lady in the commercial hasn’t happened to me; it has, somewhat.  Not quite so dramatically, happily, but still.  There is…less there now, than there was.   But all the same I’m not sure it’s appropriate to drop from a DD cup to a D cup yet.

Unfortunately, they don’t tend to make a lot of 38DD bras available in box stores.  Kate is threatening to take me to a real bra shop so I can get fitted properly, but that’s potentially very expensive.  I’m not sure we can swing that right now, frankly.

Still, I am now armed with a bunch of 38D bras.  And…three of them have underwires, so we’ll see if the weight change affected how those feel on me, I guess.

Five days until I can eat meat again.  I can’t wait!


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