Lent, Day 36: Girls’ Night Out

April 3, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Tonight I’m walking WAY late, but that’s because *I* went out on a Girls’ Night Out tonight. 😉  Oh yes I did!   Cheryl had brought up the idea during the Lenten Soup and Salad meal on Wednesday, and I conceded that it was a good idea in the manner people do when something sounds appealing but the prospect of actually going is not immediately before them.  The next day, Cheryl sent me a Facebook invite, and for a moment I was actually confused.

But I went.  And I’m glad I did, because it was a lot of fun.  Cheryl, Lori, Jen and I went to dinner at Red Robin and then to the Brunswick XL Fun Zone to go bowling.

I had actually not planned well for this, since it was a Down Day and technically I shouldn’t have been eating anything.  But how often do I go out on a Girls’ Night Out, anyway?  So I kept it light through the day and let myself eat at the restaurant.  Even so, I was still pretty good; I got the Asian Teriyaki Salad (no Chicken, sadly) for my meal, and inflicted the Onion Ring tower appetizer on everyone. 😉  I ordered it thinking I’d just pay for it, and then our server split it between the three checks.  Whoops.  The other girls were great about it, but I felt kind of bad because I hadn’t really consulted them before ordering it.

I also had a peach daiquiri there.  Yum.   It was just one drink, but I don’t drink a lot and I was kind of keyed up anyway, so it left me feeling buzzed for awhile.  As a result (well, not really, but since I can use it as an excuse I am going to), I bowled PATHETICALLY by the time we got there.   It was sort of embarrassing, since normally I at least break 100.

But anyway, I came home and opted for walking instead of falling into bed the way I wanted to.  This reminded me of something I read in an article on weight loss.  It said something like, “Thin people exercise the way fat people diet.”  I’m still not ENTIRELY sure what that is supposed to mean, but I gather at least part of the meaning is that it’s an every day thing.  You may do it better one day than you do it the next, but it’s a part of your regimen regardless.

I have had occasional days here where I’ve gone to bed without exercising.  When I say ‘occasional’, I really do mean just that… Maybe one day every two weeks, if that.  I have been known to fool around with the amount of time I spend doing it and the intensity at which I’m doing it, but mostly I’m to the point where I am getting so much positive feedback in terms of the amount of weight that has come off so far that I am loathe to run the risk of plateauing simply because I’ve been bad about my exercise regimen.  I don’t mind slacking off some on food journalling or meal planning or whatever, but I figure as long as I’m being good on my Down Days and exercising, I still ‘deserve’ to lose at least some weight each week.

So…here I am.  But I’ll tell you, when this timer hits 120, I am dropping into bed and drinking oblivion.  I am EXHAUSTED.


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