Lent, Day 39: Underwires..

April 6, 2009 at 10:49 pm

Yeah, we’re revisiting this topic.  Feel free not to click the cut if you’d rather not know.  I understand. 🙂

So today I actually put on and wore one of my new Underwire bras.  Well, no..actually I put on all three of them, and was reminded once again of the vital importance of trying things on before you purchase them.   This isn’t because they need to go back, but rather because I figured out quickly that one of the bras I bought fit really nicely and the other two less so.  The one that fit nicely was one brand, the other two were a different brand.  So… if I’d bothered to try them on first, I’d have realized that I needed to shop in Brand 1 and not Brand 2.

Live and learn.  Again.

But anyway… I was right about the underwires, which is pretty much all I want to say today.  Where before they poked and jabbed me, I now find I barely notice them and I do, in fact, like the resulting look. They actually help me to look even more slender at the waist because my chest is …you know..supported well.

I’m still not sure about the cup size, as there seems to be a certain amount of… um… well, anyway.  I think this is one of those things I won’t worry about that much right now, because there’s a good chance that as I lose weight it will cease to be an issue.  I hope.


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