Lent, Day 42: Narrow Garage

April 8, 2009 at 5:37 am

Yet another reminder of the fact that losing weight also means losing actual size and girth.   Andy cleaned out the garage this past weekend, which meant a lot of the stuff that had been piled up on ‘my side’ (or at least, the side where we park the van, which is the car I usually drive) was moved out and disposed of.

I really appreciated this, because unlike Andy, whenever I have to go anywhere I pretty much need to be able to get to both sides of the van.  For whatever reason (and I really should change this, but so far I haven’t), Luke’s car seat is in the captain’s chair behind the PASSENGER side, not the driver’s side.  I’m sure initially this was rooted in some kind of logic involving the fact that normally when we all go somewhere as a FAMILY, I sit on the passenger side and that somehow made it easier.  But just as a day-to-day thing, most of the car trips we take are just me and the kids, so it would make sense to move Luke to the driver’s side.

And this aside, I don’t mean to suggest that Andy has been somehow inconsiderate by leaving stuff on that side of the garage, either.   For years he’s been parking his car back-end-first so that he can keep it as far on that side of the garage as possible and still get out.  Our garage is just really narrow, period.   It’s one of the things we’ve always dealt with here.

Thing is, if this sort of thing is a hassle now, you can imagine how fun it was for me to try to load Luke in the car back when I weighed closer to 250.  As in: it was not fun at all.  The peculiar thing about body weight is that I think most of us have a sort of distorted mental picture of how big or small we really are.  I know I tended to mentally shrink myself (and still do) as a kind of defense mechanism.

Therefore it is always the irrefutible reminders that prick our pride the most, and for me these have been the actual logistical challenges I faced back then.  I talked about this once before here when I was talking about pulling my chair up to the table to let someone pass behind me.  This is the same sort of thing; it used to be that a less-than-precise parking job on my part meant that walking down the passenger side of the van would cause me to brush up against the dirty van AND the stuff stored on that side at the same time.  I always hated that, but aside from, you know, arranging a more logical seating schematic for the kids, what could I do?

That side of the garage is obviously a LOT roomier now that the stuff is gone, but there wasn’t THAT much there to start with.  All the same, yesterday when I got home from the grocery store, I realized that for perhaps the first time EVER, I could gather up bags of groceries and just walk straight through the garage to the back door.   No need to turn sideways, no need to carry the bags at chest-height to avoid scraping them alongside the van, no need to forget the back door entirely and walk around to the front door.  I could just walk through the narrow garage like a normal person.  Amazing!

Andy, by the way, has lost down to about 233 this week.  It’s really starting to show in his face and in the way his clothing fits him.  He’s going to need his own trip to the thrift store soon.  I think I’ve persuaded him to switch his Down Days to Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday, though, if he continues after Lent (and I think he probably will, since he’s having so much success with it).   Lunch is sort of a significant time at school, particularly on Fridays.  The PTO often brings in special lunches for the teachers as a ‘thank you’ for all the teachers do, and trying to stick to a MWF Down-Day schedule means Andy effectively has to deprive himself whenever they do this.  He surprised me by resisting at first, but he’s come around.

I’m glad, because it makes my meal planning so much easier.  I can now make Italian and Tex-Mex feasts on MWF again, and not feel guilty for making the stuff *I* like on the other days.


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