Lent, Day 44: Good Friday

April 10, 2009 at 6:11 am

Almost there now.  I can almost smell the sausage cooking…

Good Friday has always been one of my favorite services of the year.   As a rule I’m not a very emotionally-affected person, so the fact that a church service actually depresses me is kind of novel and interesting.  I actually find that sort of nice.

But it seemed fitting that today was a Down Day, so I went in to our Good Friday service feeling subdued anyway.

Not that the day has been all that tough…  In fact, I was reflecting today, AGAIN, on the things that made the Down Days tough early on.  I’ve learned now that this ADF fad is now spreading again; one of our good friends at church is now apparently trying it too.  I guess Dr. Johnson should hire me to promote his books, because I am apparently spinning off followers everywhere I go now.  😉  Not that this should surprise me, I guess; the change in me since November has been pretty dramatic, and for all my earlier grousing that no one noticed, EVERYONE notices now.   I get comments all the time now, so I guess it’s only natural that people who are also concerned about their weight would want to try it for themselves.

Anyway, I was reminded that back in the beginning, Down Days made me shaky and cranky.   I guess I can’t say I’m NEVER cranky these days, but at least I can say that the crankiness no longer seems to be connected to hunger or Down Days.  The shakiness is gone too.   In fact, I now find myself sort of surprised when I think about that, because the Down Day thing has so completely ceased to be that big of a deal now.  I notice, but it’s not like it was in the beginning… when Sunday nights would find me feeling a little ‘meh’ because the Weekend of Gratuitous Eating was over and I was facing a day of deprivation on Monday.

By the way, I cheated and weighed myself today, since yesterday was an Up Day and I sort of wanted to be prepared for the worst in case I really am plateauing.  I came out to 183.4.  That was a very promising sign, although I should probably brace myself for something higher on the actual weigh-in, since it will fall immediately after Easter and I’ll have just partaken of the usual Easter Feast the day before.


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