April 12, 2009 at 7:29 am

I did it!  Easter is here, and I made it all through Lent without breaking down and eating meat.

We had breakfast up at church, both out of necessity and respect for tradition.  Andy was the elder for the 8:00 service, and I had to play handbells at 11, so we split camps and met for the Youth’s Easter Breakfast during the 9:30 Sunday School hour.  I felt bad for the kids, who had to choose between breakfast and the Easter Egg hunt, but they didn’t much care.  They wanted the Egg Hunt, so they did without for an extra 45 minutes or so.

Not so with me.  I fully enjoyed scrambled eggs and sausage.   On the whole I couldn’t say whether the sausage the Youth prepared this year happened to be better than that they’ve served during previous years, but to ME… it tasted wonderful!

Of course, that said… I did pay for it later.  Just a bit of advice: if you’re going to do without meat for any extended period of time, it’s probably NOT smart to make sausage your first meat meal when you’re done.  I was okay until mid-afternoon, and then my stomach cramped up and yelled at me.  “What’s the matter with you?  You do without this for a month and a half, and then when you do send us some to work with, you send it bundled up in fat and spices?  Are you trying to KILL us in here?”

Sorry, body.  I’ll be nicer from now on, I promise.

I tried very hard not to eat too much today.   Actually, the sausage reaction helped a lot, because by the time the festivities were winding down and it was time for dessert, I REALLY didn’t want any.  That’s saying something, too, because Mom had made the most incredible smorgasbord of desserts…  two Pecan pies, one of her ‘famous’ Apple Pies, and my absolute favorite: Gooey Butter Cake.   I don’t even know if I like GBC in general, but *MY* mother’s version is like ambrosia.  It is just unbelievably good.

I have some wrapped up and in the fridge so I can eat it on Tuesday.  I just don’t feel like eating it tonight.  Plus, you know, there’s the weigh-in tomorrow, and it’s VERY IMPORTANT TO ME that I actually come out at a loss compared to last week.  If I fail to lose or gain again, I’m going to be really upset, and I don’t want to face that.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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