Sleep, Day 4: FAIL!

April 16, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Wow, I didn’t even make it three days.  That’s sad, is what that is.  That’s sad, right there.

I couldn’t help it, though.  Well, okay, I could have.. but I was talking to a friend and it was a conversation that was important enough to me that cutting it off at 11:30 just didn’t seem appropriate.   One of the pitfalls of the fact that that time of night tends to be my social time, I guess.

I do apparently come by this failure honestly, however.  Mom told me that she had apparently resolved to give up ‘staying up late’ for Lent, and had barely lasted a week in that effort too.  This made me feel a little better. 😉  Aren’t genetics wonderful?  You can blame so much on them and shrug it off.  Can’t help it, see?  It runs in my family!

So…what do I do now?  Start over?  Keep on trying and just tack on days at the end?  I’m not sure.  I’m inclined toward the latter, since I’m barely three days in, but I have to admit I don’t foresee a lot of success with this round.  That’s probably fatalistic, but I guess I figure I’ve had kind of a lot of success so far, and if this is something I’m going to fail on, there are worse things.

Besides, if I stress myself out about it, it’ll just upset me and make the other things I’m doing harder, so… I’ll shrug it off, tack a few days on, and go from there.


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